Traditional-Style Gauges
American Gasser has released their first dash gauge set for retail sale. The gauges are representative of '60s-style performance gauges. The set comes standard with a 3 3/8-inch diameter mechanical speedometer (an electronic speedometer is also available), a 3 3/8-inch diameter electronic tachometer, and the remaining electronic 2 1/16-inch diameter gauges include: oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level, and volt gauges.

The new American Gasser gauges are packaged with fuel, oil, and water temperature sending units in addition to all brackets and hardware necessary for installation. The easy-to-follow instructions make this a rapid installation for the novice to the expert. The gauges are only available with chrome trim bezels with black faces. Look for more designs in the future. The new American Gasser gauges are constructed with Faria instrumentation, a recognized leader in instrumentation for over 50 years. These gauges are manufactured in the USA. Put some vintage gauges in your classic pickup by contacting American Gasser at 330-722-7241 or visit for more information.

It's All In The Details
Taking advantage of decades of experience producing some of the industry's highest quality professional car wash products, Warsaw Chemical has launched The new website will be the exclusive vehicle for sales of the Car Choice Detail Line.

The new product line targeting consumers who care for their own classic vehicles features a waterless car wash product, "Clean-n-Shine," which is one of several that makes use of the company's exclusive polymer. Others with the polymer are "Showroom Shine," "Wheel Polish," "Dual Action Glass Cleaner," and "Polyshine Hand Wash-n-Polish." will also offer various accessories like several different types of microfiber towels, a wheel brush, tire shine applicators and a microfiber wash sponge. Check out the Car Choice Detail line of car/truck care products at

Deeds Engineering Mandrel Bends
All Deeds' high-quality mandrel bends are crafted from 16-gauge (0.065 wall thickness) tubing. Use these bends to fabricate many types of plumbing components on your classic truck or custom project. The smooth, consistent bend will allow you to create custom piping with a true high-quality fit and finish. Bends are available in mild steel, 304 stainless steel, and 6061 aluminum with a wide choice of bend radii to fit your needs. For easy fabrication, they provide tubing with a 180-degree bend, 90-degree, and 45-degree options. You cut and weld these pre-bent tubes to produce headers, exhaust systems, induction systems, and more. For more information on these and the rest of the company's offerings, contact Deeds Engineering at 818-842-2500 or check them out on the web at

ZZ Crateengine D.U.I.
Performance Distributors has applied their ignition expertise to the popular ZZ series of crate engines with their new ZZ Crate Engine D.U.I. Distributor. This new D.U.I. (Davis Unified Ignition) is specifically designed for the ZZ-4, ZZ-454, and the ZZ-502. Two features distinguish the Crate Engine D.U.I. from the regular line of DUI Distributors. First, Performance Distributors calibrates the advance curve on a distributor machine to accommodate the GM Performance Parts catalog's timing recommendations. Secondly, a melonized distributor gear is used to mesh properly with the crate engine's steel hydraulic roller camshaft. The distributor comes complete, including the Street/Strip D.U.I. Coil and Dyna-Module, which allow you to open up your plug gaps to .050-.055 inch, burning your fuel more completely. Magnetic pickup coil power is ensured by aligning the teeth on the pickup to the teeth on the shaft reluctor to very exact tolerances. An additional step that also ensures maximum magnetic pickup coil power is the hand setting of the endplay between the distributor gear and the distributor housing. For more information, contact Performance Distributors at 901-396-5782 or at