Baffling Exhaust Baffles
Why do we love hot rod trucks? Easy, because they're a treat to the senses. Taking a mundane stocker and turning it into a bitchin classic truck that looks and sounds as well as it performs is a satisfying experience! So when a product comes along that not only adds to these sensory experiences but also increases mileage and lets your vehicle run cooler, how can you not get excited? Spiral Turbo Specialties manufactures an exhaust baffle that hits on all cylinders. These baffles are easily installed in any exhaust system. Imagine the extra space gained when not restricted with the size of standard mufflers or even glasspacks. A seemingly muffler-free exhaust would sure look great under that classic pickup. Available for 2.25-inch tubing up to 10-inch diameter for big rigs and made of stainless steel (complete with fasteners), this system will outlast pretty much any muffler or glasspack on the market. The spiral design of these inserts speeds up exhaust gasses and scavenges built up exhaust to reduce engine heat. Quite simply, Spiral Turbo baffles will buy you more undercar room, give you less weight, and greatly enhance the sound of your machine, as well as a better seat of the pants feel! Check out or call 330-321-1918 for the specific savings and field-testing results-pretty impressive stuff!

Cover Your Carbs
These red plastic Weber 48IDA velocity stack covers were big during the '60s-and they're now available once again from Jim Inglése. Not only do they keep unwanted objects out of your carburetors when you're not standing guard over your classic pickup, but they also look great at shows. These covers will fit only OE Weber velocity stacks. The price for a complete set of four is $79.95, as shown. If you want to make your classic truck a great performer as well as a head turner, Jim Inglése offers a full line of complete Ford and Chevy V-8 Weber four-carb downdraft induction systems just like the one seen here, as well as twin Weber DCOE side draft conversion kits that replace a standard four-barrel. For more info, contact Jim Inglése Weber Carburetion at 203-623-0659 or on the web at

Wheel Vintiques Does It Again
Hot off the production line is Wheel Vintiques' all-new 18-inch Steel Rally! Yep, you heard us right-an 18-inch diameter Steel Rally Wheel. How cool is that? The 18-inch Rallies are available in 7- and 8-inch widths with a variety of standard and custom backspaces. Don't forget about caps, Wheel Vintiques has many of the popular styles available such as the derby, police, disc brake, and even truck caps and matching trim rings will be available soon. The wheels come through in bare steel, but you can, as an option, have them chromed or powdercoated for an additional cost. Bolt patterns for both Chevy and Ford are also available. Get a set for your classic truck or muscle car today! For more information, contact Wheel Vintiques at 559-251-6957 or online at