Those of us who spend most of our shop time working alone quickly become pretty adept at problem solving. Out of necessity we often figure out methods for completing what are often two person chores on our own, without calling for reinforcements.

Recently, as I began the installation of a slew of LMC patch panels on my ’57 I reached the point where I needed to reinstall the driver’s door. Well, as you’re aware a classic pickup door is rather large and ungainly, and quite heavy as well. As usual I was out in the shop by myself and didn’t want to call in an extra set of hands as I was dead set on getting the door on quickly and didn’t want to wait around for someone to get there. So, I turned to my scrap pile (as I usually do when I suffer a fit of half-assed engineering coming on) hoping that gazing at odd pieces of scrap steel would act as a subconscious guide to a solution. Luckily the trick worked yet again as I spied a couple of pieces of ½ by ½-inch angle-iron and a stub of 7/8-inch bar stock the solution appeared. Take a look at the following images and see how I got around that particular dilemma in about 20-minutes.