Autocross, A Wheel Beauty
Boze Alloys released a fresh new design--the ZE Forged Autocross wheel. This unique five-spoke style has an accent groove in each spoke, which may be painted to match the exterior of your classic truck. Also, the center and rim areas can be finished in high-luster polish or a brushed satin texture. The Autocross design is available in both two-piece and three-piece construction to accommodate large brake kits. Boze offers special custom fitments in diameter sizes 17 to 24 inches and widths from 7 to 15 inches to fit any classic pickup. All wheels are custom built from 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy and made in the USA. Visit for additional information or call 'em toll-free at 866-634-4626.

Super Spindles
Western Chassis up in Fresno, California, released new Drop and Stock replacement spindles for '60-87 Chevrolet and GMC C-10 1/2-ton pickups. These spindles are designed with the correct tapers and geometry for each year of manufacture. The Stock replacement spindles are perfect for the popular restoration market. Western Chassis spindles are also designed to upgrade the earlier years that came with front drum brakes to disc brakes using the factory parts from 1973 and later. All part numbers are in stock and available now. For more info on these high-quality spindles and the complete line of Western's classic truck components contact Western Chassis at 559-579-1005, or check 'em out on the web at

Dress To Impress
Proform/Specialty Auto Parts USA has expanded its line of Ford engine building and appearance parts, including a new Ford Racing Parts catalog section and dedicated website for Ford enthusiasts. Complementing Proform's already extensive array of Ford performance parts will be an impressive line of officially licensed Ford Racing premium quality engine dress up parts, many carrying the Ford Racing logo. This complete engine dress up kit (PN 302-515) features chrome parts with embossed emblems, and includes all the items you'll need to give your Ford engine a cool custom look, while displaying your favorite logo. This kit is also available in black crinkle with red emblems (PN 302-500) and chrome with black emblems (PN 302-510). A complete line of Ford Racing die-cast aluminum, stamped steel and fabricated valve covers, air cleaners, breathers, fuel block-off plates, breather caps, wire looms, dipsticks, fasteners, and complete dress up kits are available in various finishes and colors. And best of all, they will be available at Proform's inexpensive retail prices. If you're building a classic Ford truck, Proform has just become your one-stop engine compartment shop. Visit to preview the complete line of Ford internal and external engine parts, and inexpensive tools and accessories, or contact the Ford Racing Parts professionals at 586-774-2500.

Flex Your Muscle
The new Mopar flexplate from drivetrain technology leader, TCI, offers bulletproof strength and reliability for internally balanced high-performance Chrysler 318-440ci engines with six-bolt crankshafts. If you're a classic Dodge truck performance enthusiast you understand how well the classic 318-440ci six-bolt crankshaft powerplants respond to performance enhancements. To complement these performance gains, engineers at TCI have developed a high-performance flexplate. The factory flexplate behind these engines can be problematic, even in stock applications, with issues of cracking and even breaking. So replacing it with an SFI-approved .107-inch-thick flexplate from TCI is certainly a wise choice to make for your performance-minded classic truck. Engineered to prevent cracking and breakage commonly found in lesser quality flexplates, this new TCI flexplate features a small bolt pattern that utilizes the 7/16-inch bolt to enable use with smaller high-performance torque converters. In addition, the precision laser-cut steel material is .107-inch thick (much thicker than the original factory piece), which makes it much stronger and much more reliable. Finally and most importantly, this performance flexplate has been tested and is SFI 29.1 approved for strength and durability. Therefore, if you're having problems with the stock flexplate cracking or are in need of a heavy-duty flexplate with the small Chrysler bolt pattern, this is truly a "must have" upgrade for your classic pickup. For more information about the TCI Chrysler 318-440ci six-bolt flexplate or any other TCI product, call 'em toll-free at 888-776-9824, or visit 'em online at

Top-O'-The-Line Tips
Stainless Specialties, manufacturer of finely crafted stainless truck, automotive, and marine exhaust components, released their new Flat Oval exhaust tips. As is the case with all Stainless Specialties' extensive line of exhaust components every Flat Oval is manufactured from 100 percent pure, 304 stainless steel and are precision assembled, welded, and fully polished to a high luster, guaranteeing some of the highest quality exhaust components available to the classic truck market today. Flat Oval exhaust tips measure 1-inch high by 3.9 inches wide and are 11 inches long. They're available with 2-, 2.25-, and 2.5-inch inlet diameters and with your choice of straight-cut, angle-cut, or NASCAR-style outlets. Flat Oval's unique shape is perfect for slammed trucks, and its available in custom lengths by special order too. For information on these cool exhaust tips or any and all of Stainless Specialties' stainless steel exhaust products, contact 'em at 423-728-3300 or check out their website at

Wax On, Wax Off
Eagle One has made waxing faster and easier than ever before with the introduction of unique Gel Wax. This product delivers a glorious, glossy shine that will last as long as paste, but is easier to use than liquid wax. Gel Wax reduces the time and effort required with conventional waxes because it does not need to haze or dry after application. Just apply the wax to one section at a time, wipe off immediately, and enjoy the look of a showroom shine. It doesn't get any easier than this. Gel Wax is made with natural carnauba and unique polishers, which produce unbeatable durability and water beading. Additional benefits include no white residue and no discoloring of black trim and molding. The wax also protects the trim and molding while enhancing the color. Eagle One has also made Gel Wax environmentally friendly. It contains no harmful petroleum solvents. Gel Wax is available at leading auto parts retailers, but if you'd like further information and some great detailing tips, visit or just give 'em a call at 800-432-4531.

Tested To The Limits, Backed By GM
GM Performance Parts' crate engines undergo a 50-hour, full-throttle engine dynamometer validation that requires that the engines' perform from peak horsepower to peak torque. GMPP also installs crate engines in its own engineering vehicles for testing and continuous improvement. That commitment to quality and durability enables General Motors to back GMPP crate engines with a 24-month/50,000-mile warranty (whichever occurs first). All GMPP components carry a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty. Enthusiasts who crave the latest technology, maximum horsepower, and the expertise and confidence backed by GM can purchase GMPP crate engines, blocks, heads, high-performance transmissions, and components from GMPP authorized center dealers or any other GM dealership nationwide. To shop for GMPP products or for more information, visit

Easy Loading
We classic truckers are always on the lookout for either new classic pickup projects or parts for our current ones. And when and if we find these treasures we ultimately load our trusty trailers and cart our newfound booty back home to the shop. Sometimes this easy-sounding chore is just that, easy sounding. Fixed-neck trailers often make rolling a newfound non-running treasure a back-breaking task-one leaving us asking ourselves why we didn't spring the extra bucks for a tilt-up trailer. Well, thanks to the new Tilt-A-Hitch those problems are a thing of the past! The Tilt-A-Hitch turns almost any trailer into a tilting unit using just your jack. The inventor, Lane Smith, figured a way to build a tilting mechanism into a hitch, and it works so well it won a new product award at SEMA. It mounts to any 2-inch receiver and has an 8,000-pound rating. For more info on this neat money-saving hitch assembly visit or give these folks a call at 618-616-1790 for the full scoop.

Superior Chevy Pickup Chassis
Our friends at Superior Glass Works just announced the addition of a '41-46 Chevrolet pickup truck chassis to its broad line of street rod and truck chassis. Despite limited production numbers during World War II, many of these Art Deco Chevy trucks have found themselves in the hands of enthusiasts, and like most classic trucks, their chassis normally show considerable wear after all these years. Superior Glass Works offers a safe, strong, high-quality, and good-looking chassis built to Chevy's original specs that will accept both original and aftermarket body panels. With its original size and shape, this new chassis is suitable for a restoration project and its heavy gauge, fully boxed rails, and stout X-member will perform exceptionally well under a modern hot rod classic truck. The Superior chassis can be ordered as a bare frame only, or complete with a full range of suspension components from the leading manufacturers in the industry. In addition to their new chassis for the '41-46 Chevy pickup, Superior Glass Works also manufactures fiberglass front fenders, rear fenders, 2-inch wider rear fenders, and smooth running boards in stock width or wider to match their widened fenders. More information about the new Chevrolet chassis and other products mentioned is available at or by giving them a shout at 888-731-7670.

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