Muscle Motors Killer Krate
This is the small-block version of their tried-and-true Street Killer Krate. This 440hp 500 lb-ft small-block is well mannered enough to drive across country, yet can be obnoxious enough to get the attention of the local sheriff if you care to misbehave. MM starts with 360ci blocks and performs full race-type prep. They Sonic check, align hone, parallel deck, bore, and hone using deck plates to ensure a precision-machined, durable short-block. They then install one of their pump gas, street 4-inch stroker rotating assemblies. This cast crank kit is cost-effective and is practically bulletproof under 5,500 rpm. The forged I-beams are lightweight and help these engines rev faster than a 340. Since these are "street" engines they choose a cam grind that works to 5,500 rpm, so they're great with a set of 3.23:1 gears. They finish filling the short-block with a COMP Cams timing chain, camshaft, and lifters. A Melling oil pump keeps everything lubricated and a Mopar Performance distributor drive and timing chain tensioner keeps everything timed properly. A new oil pan and pick up complete the bottom end. Up top they use the new Indy/RHS cast-iron heads and ultra low maintenance non-adjustable Mopar Performance rocker arms with10-degree locks, retainers, and dual springs. A dual plane, air-gap-style intake tops the block and makes sure this Krate has endless throttle response and makes tons of stump-pulling torque. All assembly information is recorded on a build sheet by one of their experienced engine assemblers.

The Top Krate
We couldn't help including MM's latest edition, the Top Krate. It may be a bit much for the street but man, it'd make a true killer classic truck race motor. With this baby they start with a Mopar Performance Siamese bore block made by World Products. They achieve 596 cubes utilizing a 4.53 bore, forged Ross pistons, and a 4.625 stroke Callies crankshaft. A Muscle Motors billet timing chain, dual line oil system and competition oil pan finishes up the short-block and keeps everything properly lubricated. Up top they use Indy Predator cylinder heads. These heads feature symmetrical intake and exhaust ports capable of flowing over 540 cfm after CNC porting. They actually have two proprietary intake port programs. The standard port utilizes a 2.400 intake and 1.850 exhaust valve sizes. The large CNC port program uses a 2.450 titanium intake valve. The small intake runner measures 440 cc, the large port measures 480 cc. The valves are actuated by T&D rocker arms that are available in 1.75, 1.80, and 1.90 rocker ratios. These rocker arms have no offset, which makes them very stable at high engine speeds. The standard Top Krate is also equipped with a single 4-bbl. cast intake manifold (2x4 optional) and sheetmetal valve covers. The single four-barrel Top Krate makes 1,150 hp at 7,400 rpm and 900 lb-ft at 5,700.

Muscle Motors

Chevy 572 Extreme
So the 540 Extreme isn't a big enough big-block for you? Let us introduce the 572 Extreme. With over 690 rampaging horsepower and 700 traction-annihilating lb-ft of torque, all on pump gas, have we got your attention? Mixing all the right severe-duty parts into a potent, streetable combination, along with precise machining and balancing, all hand-assembled with the skill of more than 20 years of craftsmanship, you have an engine that makes more normally aspirated power with a single 4-volt carb than any pair of tires can hold. And to prove this power, each and every engine they produce is broken-in, tuned, and tested on their in-house dyno, so you have a guarantee of power and durability. The 572 Extremes are available featuring Dart blocks with splayed cap four-bolt mains, 4.630-inch bores, scalloped water jackets, and standard 9.8 deck heights. Cranks are 4340-forged steel, internal balanced, rods are 4340-forged steel H-beam design equipped with 7/16-inch ARP bolts, and pistons are lightweight forged box skirt designs with 10:1 compression ratio's and full-floating pins. They're also available with custom ground hydraulic roller's with .613-/.613-inch lift and 252/262-degree duration. Rockers are 1.7 ratio, full roller and the engines are topped with Victor Jr. single-plane intakes and Quick Fuel Technologies, 900 cfm, double pumpers.