The following information is an abbreviated selection of what is available in the crate engine marketplace, but at the very least it'll give you an idea of a fraction of what's available to us these days. Keep in mind as well that the crate engines shown here are by no means each company's full line of engines. For a larger selection and more info and specs I suggest visiting the website of each manufacturer for more detailed information on their offerings and to get the full scoop on individual engine specs and warranty information. Until then, take a look at the few examples I've gathered here-it may well influence your choice of powerplant, or then, maybe not ...

CHP Throttle Body Venom
347 GT Ford Crate Motor
Coast's PN 347GT is a Ford-based 302 small-block using a 3.400-inch stroke to achieve a displacement of 347 ci. The Venom 347 has a little bit more bottom end than their popular 331 while adding additional horsepower from its larger displacement. It's available in configurations with various levels of compression, which can support injected, naturally aspirated, or boosted (supercharged, turbocharged) applications. The Venom 347's internals include Probe FPS pistons, CNC machine beam rods, a cast crank, a CNC machined block, Patriot CNC aluminum cylinder heads, Scorpion stud-mount roller rockers, a Professional Products intake manifold, custom ground cam, a damper assembly, a high-energy billet distributor, a Canton oil pan, chrome alternator, pulley and bracket setup, a performance water pump, and multiple fuel delivery options from carburetors to injected setups are available, as well.

CHP Venom Street Fighter
Ford Crate Motor The Street Fighter is a 351-based 393-cube stroker combination, which uses a slightly longer 3.850-inch stroke for more displacement and low-end torque. Compression ratios ranging from low to high make this a versatile setup, available in a variety of performance levels. Each one is equipped with Probe SRS pistons, CNC-machined beam rods, a cast crank, a CNC-machined block, aluminum cylinder heads, Scorpion stud-mount roller rockers, an Edelbrock intake manifold, a custom ground cam, a high-energy billet distributor, damper assembly, a Canton oil pan, a chrome alternator, pulley and bracket assembly, and a performance water pump. As is the case with most all CHP crate engines, it's available with multiple fuel delivery options from carburetion to injection.

Dressed out with your choice of air cleaner and valve covers, each and every CHP crate motor is balanced, blueprinted, professionally assembled, inspected, and ready to drop in and go-all while giving you a 24-month/unlimited mileage warranty.

Coast High Performance

306/357W "V" Engines
Designed with DSS Racing quality but with an eye on value, the 306V and 357V featured engines provide a low cost route to added performance in a classic truck. Both engines have 10.0:1 forged pistons, Edelbrock aluminum heads, a Ford Racing roller cam, roller lifters, and Ford Racing valve covers. The timing cover, water pump, oil pan, and balancer are installed with options to fit either early or later applications.

D.S.S. Racing