The decision to use a brand-new Dynacorn Classic Bodies '47-50 Chevy truck cab instead of a well-worn but readily available vintage cab for Project Shop Truck was motivated by the challenge of creating a classic truck entirely from aftermarket components. One of the advantages of starting with brand-new sheetmetal (aside from the personal satisfaction of eventually meeting our challenge) is that we avoid having to do a ton of metalwork. Unlike most project trucks, this five-window has never done a day's work in its life, has never been in a traffic accident, and has never been the victim of anybody's amateur bodywork. That doesn't mean that there are no improvements to be made. As with any reproduction body, a little sheetmetal massaging will be needed before Project Shop Truck rolls into the paint booth.

Being an extremely faithful high-quality reproduction, the cab featured (as did the original) a hole for the fuel filler tube on the right side of the rear of the cab. Patching that hole to coincide with a relocated fuel tank and to clean up the lines of the cab is one of the most common modifications made to these trucks, and Jonathan Williams at Hot Rods by Dean had the job done quick.