Put A Cork In It ... Or Take It Out
The original Doug's Headers has released a new and improved version of their popular all stainless steel construction electric exhaust cutouts in 21/2- and 3-inch diameters. The engineers at Doug's have taken their electric exhaust cutouts and dramatically decreased the size of the actuator for more versatile installations while lowering the price as well. These cutouts feature rugged gear reduction 12-volt DC motors, and a rotating gate for a leakproof seal every time the cutout is opened and closed. Unlike butterfly-style cutouts the Doug's cutouts don't have the leaky gasket sound, and when fully opened there is no exhaust flow obstructions. A pre-wired harness and switch are supplied for easy installation. The cutouts are available in singles or pairs and in complete kits with Y-pipes for easy installation. Contact Doug's Headers at 909-599-5955 or log onto www.pertronix.com.

Flip Yer Lid ... Down
Gaylord's manufactures high-quality truck bed lids that protect and hide your cargo from view and give your classic truck that finishing touch. Every lid is made from long-lasting composite fiberglass that is steel reinforced. Features include dual locks to secure the lid and tailgate together, a double weather seal, and heavy-duty gas struts for easy opening and closing. Installation is simple using a clamp-on mounting system. Gaylord's lids are available in a factory paint finish or in unfinished primer, and they have applications to fit '47 to current GM and '53 to current Ford trucks. For more details, contact Gaylord's at 562-529-7543 or at www.gaylordslids.com.

Ez Breezy
This new upgrade kit for the FAST EZ-EFI features dual throttle bodies for added horsepower potential with the same easy handheld setup as the original EZ-EFI. The original FAST EZ-EFI features patent-pending technology with the most advanced self-tuning control strategy available anywhere today. You could simply hook up the necessary wires, answer the basic Setup Wizard questions on the included handheld display and the system tunes itself as you drive. But now there is an EZ-EFI dual-quad self-tuning fuel injection system that features all of this same technology and is capable of supporting up to 1,000-plus horsepower engines and has the ability to double your fuel capacity! To find out more, contact FAST by calling 877-334-8355 or visit them online at www.fuelairspark.com.

Paint The Town
Summit Racing is ready to help enthusiasts take their custom paintwork to the next level with its new Summit Racing 2-Stage Paint System. The new lead-free urethane basecoat/clearcoat system from Summit is formulated to create an outstanding finish with minimal drying time. It includes 40 stunning basecoat colors, plus a line of primers, sealers, clearcoats, reducers, hardeners, and specialty additives to deliver the professional results. The Summit Racing 2-Stage Paint System is also available in special formulations to meet stricter, local VOC requirements. For more information, contact Summit Racing by logging onto www.summitracing.com or call 800-230-3030.