Give Your Brakes A Boost
Classic Performance Products (CPP) offers a high-quality direct bolt-in Hydroboost brake assist system designed to upgrade manual or vacuum-assisted brakes with a powerful and compact modern hydraulic assist unit. CPP's systems include everything you need to install into your vehicle including a high-performance hydraulic brake assist unit, CPP's award-winning MCPV-1 master cylinder (chrome unit shown), Aeroquip-braided stainless high-pressure line set, a heavy-duty power steering return line, pedal rod hardware, mounting bolts, and clear, easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions. Using all-new parts, this unit puts out an amazing 1,800 psi at the wheels! For more info, contact Classic Performance Products by calling 800-830-1724 or log onto

Great 'Gate
New from Mar-K Quality Parts are three tailgates for the '34-39 GM Stepside trucks. Mar-K's new tailgates are made in the USA and have correct 16-gage thickness, welded construction like the original, and accurate bends and dimensions for your resto. One tailgate includes tailgate ends with a chain latch for securing the tailgate to your truck, while another tailgate is available without the chain latch for custom applications. Also available is an optional tailgate modified with hidden latches and link assemblies for a more custom look or those who want a traditional tailgate without chains. For further information, contact Mar-K Quality Parts at 405-721-7945 or visit their website at

Low Cost Spark
HTP America released their new MIG 130, an affordable MIG-welding package for the do-it-yourselfer. Whether you are restoring an old truck, fixing your kid's bike, or building a smoker, the HTP MIG 130 is just the tool. The MIG 130 operates on 110 volts, so you can plug it in anywhere, and with 130 amps of power you can weld anything from thin sheetmetal up 3/16-inch steel. Just add a regulator, a tank of 75/25 argon/CO2 shielding gas, and some hard wire, and you can MIG weld with gas. HTP backs this machine with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a three-year warranty. If you don't like the way it welds, HTP will take it back. For more info, contact HTP America at 800-USA-WELD or via their website at

Making New Old
Customized old-school small-block Chevy valve covers are always a great addition to any vintage engine bay, but with the development of GM LS engines, many classic truckers have made the switch to one of these modern GM engines. To complement the late-model engine platforms with classic show-inspired looks, the all-new small-block Chevy valve cover adapter kit from Inglese enables mounting traditional SBC valve covers on a Gen III/IV LS engine. The adapters are CNC-machined from billet aluminum and have an O-ring channel for reuse of stock LS valve cover seals and more. For more information, contact Inglese at 866-450-8089 or visit them online at

The Big Four-O
It's hard to believe, but 2010 marks MSD's 40th anniversary! To commemorate MSD is celebrating with a limited edition of the 6AL Ignition Control. This special ignition control features the first style logo that was used on the original MSD 2 ignition and where the 6A, 6AL, and the entire 6-Series line sprouted from. There are only 4,000 of these ignitions available and when they're gone, they are gone! Each unit is serialized and supplied with a classic MSD decal, free T-shirt offer, and best of all, a limited lifetime warranty! To order, contact MSD Ignition by calling 915-857-5200 or log onto

Give It A Schott
"Tight and Tidy" are virtues of all Schott Wheels, which includes their newest Mod 5 design. Each set of Schott wheels are custom-built to order for a perfect fit and optimize clearances of stock and big brake kits to give you the most usable space behind each wheel. For more options and a closer look, visit Schott Performance Wheels at or call 562-598-4411.

See Ya C-Clips
Strange Engineering introduces a new style, specifically designed for street and/or strip, C-clip eliminator for most 10- and 12-bolt GM rearends equipped with C-clip-style axles. In the past, C-clip eliminators for these applications have been designed for drag racing, which use ball bearings that are prone to leaking and premature failure when used for prolonged street use. Strange's specially designed C-clip eliminator kit utilizes Timken bearings, which survive severe side-loads and constant use. The Strange A1033 kit also features two seals per axleshaft, ensuring a completely sealed axle end. For more info, contact Strange Engineering at or 847-663-1701.

No Mushy Mounts
Energy Suspension's HYPER-FLEX polyurethane performance motor mounts are now available for GM LS series engine conversions. A complete set (two mounts and adapters) allows mounting an LS1/LS6/Vortec 4.8, 5.3, and 6.0L V-8 in a chassis originally designed for a Chevy small-block. This set includes their polyurethane mounts, which are impervious to under vehicle chemicals, road salts, and atmospheric conditions. Also, with Energy Suspension's patented interlocking feature, you'll be reassured that your engine stays secure to the chassis you bolted it to. For more details and options, contact Energy Suspension at or call 949-361-3935.

Size Doesn't Matter
Small, but mighty, this 140-amp circuit breaker from Watson's StreetWorks is a great way to protect main power feeds in your truck. Resetting is easy, and it has a test button feature and a positive visual status indicator that's easy to see. This gotta-have circuit breaker has water-resistant caps for the stud connections, and comes with ring terminals and mounting screws. Leave it to Watson's StreetWorks to continue to offer products that solve and prevent problems. For more details, contact Watson's StreetWorks online at or by calling 860-859-0513.

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