Sometimes it's the smallest details that can make a difference in the underhood appeal of a classic truck. Cable ties (or tie-wraps as they are often called) have been around for quite some time. Chances are good that you have some on your truck right now, since they are easy to install, and they do a great job of holding bundles of wire together. Actually, they can be used to hold all sorts of small components snugly in place, and with a little ingenuity, they can safely mount a lot of things that would otherwise require welding or bolting brackets into place.

As useful as these items are, they have a couple of rather obvious downsides: They aren't things of beauty, and the sharp little nub that remains after they are trimmed can snag lots of items, including your flesh if you happen to brush against them (don't ask how I know)!

There is a new development in the world of cable ties, and they are ideal for the classic truck community. These new ties are just as easy to apply as the traditional kind, but they are very low-profile, and they have a clever pocket that houses the trimmed end, keeping it out of harm's way. You can't fully appreciate how much cleaner these cable ties are until you see them alongside the traditional kind; then you can clearly see the dramatic difference.

This is a new product from the Cobra Cable Tie Company. They are available in several sizes and styles, in both black and natural color. They are made of a high-grade 6/6 nylon mil-spec. material, and their 50-pound-rated tie has an actual tensile strength between 130 and 140 pounds! For anyone who uses a lot of these items, Cobra sells a fast-acting tool that works especially well for tightening the ties and trimming the ends, although the trimming tools made for traditional ties will work, too. For more information, you can write to Cobra at 30 Main St., Ashland, MA 01721. They can be reached by telephone at 508-881-0516, or you can visit them on the web at