Out Of The Fire Into The LS Pan
RetroLSX is proud to be the first to offer a new heavy-duty cast-aluminum oil pan for LS engine swappers. Their LHX pan offers the clearance of a '98-02 Camaro LS1 pan at a total depth of 5 1/2 inches with the rear sump of a LH8 and 5-quart oil capacity without filter. The LHX comes with a new custom pickup tube, cast oil pan, and a baffling plate (not shown) that controls oil in the pan. The stock LH8 windage tray is to be used with this unit, but is not included. The LHX pan has the same thick flange that's on GM units for a pan that will add block rigidity unlike stamped swap pans. The LHX is even produced at the same facility that makes the GM LS9 pan so quality is at the highest. For more details, contact RetroLSX online at www.retrolsx.com or call (678) 807-7652.

Set Fire To Sheetmetal
For both hobbyist and professional welders, Weldcraft's WP-17 Series air-cooled TIG torches offer superior torch control and excellent welding performance on thin to medium gauge materials. The WP-17 Series includes five different styles of TIG torches, including standard, valved, and flex neck models. The WP-17 and WP-17V models feature Weldcraft's patented Diamond Grip torch body to provide operators with a secure grip, no matter the welding position. This ergonomic torch body also helps the operator maintain the correct positioning between the torch and weld joint and reduces downtime associated with operator fatigue. For more information, contact Weldcraft at (800) 752-7620 or visit www.weldcraft.com.

Whoa! Speedway Motors is proud to announce another exclusive product in its extensive line of parts, new '40-48 Ford wheel cylinders with stainless steel sleeves. These wheel cylinders are perfect for traditional-style hot rod trucks as well as restored originals. Speedway Motors starts with all-new castings and installs corrosion-resistant stainless steel sleeves to provide extremely long-lasting performance. Each wheel cylinder has two bore sizes, just as the originals did, and features new pistons, cups, seals, and bleeders. Available for the left and right side of both front and rear brakes, the wheel cylinders are an easy way to ensure that your vintage brakes perform even better than ol' Henry intended. For more info, contact Speedway Motors toll-free at (800) 979-0122 or visit them online at www.speedwaymotors.com.

Holy Belts Batman!
If you're looking for vintage-style seatbelts for trucks, check out these starburst belts from Juliano's. The satin metal push button is right out of the '60s, and they come in a rainbow of colors. The new starburst belts are available in 60- and 74-inch lengths and can be ordered for either bench or bucket seat applications. You may purchase only the lap belts or opt for OE-style three-point restraints with or without original factory-style floor retractors. All Juliano's belts meet or exceed the government's FMVSS 209 and 302 safety standards, of course. For more details, contact Juliano's toll-free at (800) 300-1932 or visit them at www.julianos.com.