Shift To The Stars
This GearStar Street Performance Turbo 350 transmission and torque converter package is designed to work behind a small-block engine producing up to 400 hp with 360 lb-ft of torque in a street-driven truck. All GearStar Turbo 350 transmissions and converters are extensively dyno tested as a package, and then shipped with seven quarts of 100 percent synthetic ATF inside the transmission and three quarts of Dextron 3, along with a mount and a 20,000 GVW Haden trans cooler in the crate. For more details, contact GearStar Performance at (800) 633-2353 or log onto

Busted Bushings?
Performance Online has come up with a common sense frontend rebuild kit for your GM project truck. Not only do these kits contain the bushings and chassis items needed, they also include your choice of stock height or lowered coil springs and three-way adjustable shocks. Giving you the first true frontend rebuild kit all-in-one package and all-in-one price! Performance Online's kits include polyurethane bushings that contain graphite for lubrication. These kits will not only update your old worn-out bushings, tie rods, ball joints, and bumpstops, they will also increase your performance and handling. To find out more, contact Performance Online at (800) 638-1703 or online at

Put Your Jimmy To Bed
Mar-K Quality Parts now makes quality reproduction bedsides for '37-39 GMC longbed pickups. Their GMC bedsides include the bedside panel, stake pockets, and steel angle strip. The chain bracket is riveted and spot welded to the stake pocket. Mar-K also provides holes in the bedsides for fender and front bed panel installation to make your project easier. You can also customize your bedside with many options, including no latch or stainless angles welded on. For further information, contact Mar-K Quality Parts at (405) 721-7945 or visit

Pull Bearings, Not Hair
Due to increased overseas competition over the last year, Yukon Gear & Axle has re-sourced their U.S. supplier for bearing pullers. They still offer the same high-quality tool, with handy bench top stand, but at a new price. These pullers remove carrier bearings safely and easily, saving them for reuse, and they can handle applications from import cars up to 1-ton trucks and everything in between. Gotta have the right tools for the job! For more info, contact Yukon Gear & Axle at (800) 347-1188 or online at

Dashing Looks
Classic Dash has announced a new, molded ABS composite dash panel specifically for the '64-66 Chevrolet Fleetside and Stepside trucks. Accuracy is the key feature and a CNC high-speed router consistently trims the dash panels to within .005-inch, plus or minus. The dash panel is available in carbon-fiber, brushed aluminum, or classic black finishes. All Classic Dash panels are offered in two forms: with or without gauge openings, and with or without gauges. You have your choice of gauges from Auto Meter, Classic Instruments, and Dolphin Instruments. For further information contact Classic Dash at (866) 882-3525 or visit them at