Dressing up a classic truck engine has come a long way from the days of a rattle can and some chrome-plated tin. Today, aftermarket companies are pushing the envelope, developing a myriad of cool CNC-machined gingerbread for our beloved pickups-and some of 'em, like March Performance's serpentine drive systems actually perform needed tasks above and beyond just looking good.

With this in mind, we chose to equip our latest project engine, a muscular 351W Ford, with a new and really cool-looking Style Track system.

March Performance's new Style Track serpentine system was created with a combination of style and affordability that's sure to find favor among enthusiasts everywhere-it sure caught our eye. The stylized one-piece alternator and A/C bracket provides solid support for the alternator and A/C compressor; and a separate bracket assembly allows the option of either power or non-power steering. Best of all, March's new Style Track bracket kit is much more affordable than similar units.

The Style Track makes use of an easy-to-use belt tension adjustment tool. Once the belt tension has been set, the adjustment tool is easily removed and stowed away for future use. As a result, the Style Track displays a much cleaner appearance than others with large adjusting assemblies that are integral in their design.

The Style Track comes complete with alternator, an alternator pulley with fan and nose cover, a polished A/C compressor and nose cover, a water pump with pulley and cover, a crank pulley, and an alternator and A/C bracket complete with the belt tensioning tool. Kits with power steering include a GM Type 2 remote power steering pump and the power steering pump pulley with nose cover. These kits also include all the mounting hardware you'll need and detailed instructions so installation is a snap. You can also forget about polishing this assembly, as it features maintenance-free clear powdercoating-all features we liked when considering which system to use on this particular engine.

Another important factor was the system's ease of installation. Since I do a lot of these installs in my home shop, I not only have to perform the actual install but handle the photography and write the story-all while trying to stay one step ahead of the "Page Police" and meet deadlines. The Style Track was a really easy and straightforward install that even with the stop-and-start procedure required for developing the story, it only took me about an hour and a half from start to finish (though the engine was out of the truck and more easily accessible than it would have been if it was in the engine bay). That said, I'd happily repeat the install in any vehicle-it was that easy. So go ahead and check out the install shown here, and then check out the system a bit more at the March or Summit websites. Then get yours so you'll be ready for this coming driving season!