What Did You Learn This Month?
Night School would not be complete without a quiz! Don't worry about your test-taking skills or grades. This is an open-magazine, true or false test. Clues can be found within the Night School text, photos, and captions. Have a good month!

True or False Questions:

1. Thrust misalignment could mean the rear axle has shifted. Worn springs, bad spring bushings, or a bent frame may also account for thrust problems.

2. If a vintage monobeam axle and frame are straight, the springs set evenly, the kingpins fit properly and caster angle meets specification, it is possible to set toe-in yourself.

3. Viewed from the front of the vehicle, camber degrees are the tilt of each front tire from a vertical centerline. If the top of the tire tilts inward, camber is "negative."

4. If a twin I-beam chassis rises straight up, the beams drop in fixed arcs. Each wheel shifts in positive degrees of camber, and the tire contact pattern at the road surface narrows.

5. Specs call for more right side caster angle than left. Extra caster compensates for road crown, enabling the vehicle to steer without pull on a straight, crowned roadway.

6. It is perfectly all right to align a frontend with worn bushings, loose steering linkage, worn knuckle ball joints, or damaged components. You'll save money.

7. With independent SLA front suspension, the toe-in can be adjusted separately for each wheel. This allows adjustment with the steering gear and steering wheel on center.

8. A common tire problem is radial pull. If the tires have a non-directional tread, radial pull can sometimes be corrected by simply switching the front tires from side to side.

9. If you cut the coil springs to lower your truck and a spring ends up too short, a twist-in spring spacer is a great way to compensate for sagging or short coil springs.

10. When caster and camber are on specification and SAI is out of specification, the spindle or steering knuckle could be damaged.

1 True, 2 True, 3 True, 4 True, 5 True, 6 False, 7 True, 8 True, 9 False, 10 True

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