Steel Is Real
Save yourself the time and money it takes to rescue a rusted-out '55-57 Chevy cab and start with a brand-new steel cab. Street Rod Headquarters now has an all-steel cab for early Chevy trucks from Dynacorn Classic Bodies that are officially licensed by GM. This all-new replacement '55-57 truck cab comes with doors mounted with new hinges, a steel original style dash, and more. Cabs come crated and are shipped primered to protect from rust and corrosion. For more details, call Street Rod Headquarters at 800-952-1752 or visit their website at

LS Spoken Here
Edelbrock has combined engineering and technology to bring consumers a more powerful, modern EFI system with user-friendly simplicity to Chevy LS engine owners and those planning an LS transplant. The Pro-Flo XT electronic fuel injection system includes a new, more powerful ECU (computer) featuring fully sequential injection, exclusive handheld calibration module for tuning on the fly without the use of a laptop, pre-defined calibrations, and wideband O2 sensor compatibility. If laptop tuning is desired, the user can tune via laptop through the Pro-Flo XT software (included). Pro-Flo XT also receives a new modern intake manifold design packaged with a 90mm front-mount throttle body. For more information, contact Edelbrock online at or by calling 310-781-2222.

Slots Are Hot What's old is new again and Stockton Wheel Service's new SLT aluminum wheel brings back the "dish mag" design that was extremely popular in the '60s and '70s. The SLT wheels are available in sizes ranging from 15x4.5 to 17x8 to fit most all vintage domestic bolt patterns, including five- and six-lug five-on-five patterns. The SLT is one of the best ways to add that retro style to your vehicle, while complementing modern tire diameters and widths. The SLT is a high-quality cast-aluminum wheel that comes in a mirror finish. For more information, contact Stockton Wheel Service at 800-395-9433; or visit them on the web at

Hey Man, Be Cool
Be Cool has done it again with Be Coolant, an extended-life, super-duty coolant and antifreeze. Be Coolant features a new-generation earth-friendly biodegradable, propylene glycol formula that protects cooling systems and aluminum components down to 26 degrees below 0 (F). Be Coolant provides 300,000 miles of extended-life coolant protection that is ideal for all performance and severe-duty applications. Additionally, Be Coolant features a self-sealing capability that is able to seal hairline cracks in aluminum blocks and heads. Be Coolant is made in the USA and is compatible with all colors and brands of coolant and all types of radiators. For more information, contact Be Cool at 800-691-2667 or visit them on the web at

Pour In Protection
With the current government regulations, today's oils are missing many of the critical ingredients needed for engine protection. Engine builders and performance hobbyists are being forced to add in extra protection additives in order to maintain engine safety and performance-but not anymore. Engineers at COMP Cams and Endure Performance Lubricants have been working hand in hand to develop a full line of automotive lubricants. The first being the ZDDP-enhanced Engine Break-In Oil that provides maximum protection during initial engine break-in and is fully formulated requiring no additives or supplements. For more details about this product, contact COMP Cams by calling 800-999-0853 or log onto