Nice Rearend
PML released an aftermarket differential cover for Dana 44 differentials in your old Ford truck. PML's new design features classic straight fins and follows the shape of the stock cover. However, unlike the stock cover, this aftermarket cover has sand cast-aluminum construction with thick walls and gasket flange. The substantial gasket flange provides a secure, leak-free seal. The aluminum material and the fins transfer heat out of the differential fluid. PML added a drain hole for less messy fluid changes and a magnetic drain plug to collect any metal bits, keeping the differential fluid cleaner. There is also a level check hole. To find out more, contact PML at or call 310-671-4345.

LS Serving Dishes
Mounting a GM LS engine in your factory Chevy small-block-equipped truck is simple with Welder Series' LS1/LS6 adapter plates. Don't touch the stock frame mounts, just bolt these adapter plates to the LS1/LS6 block, bolt Energy Suspension's urethane insulators to the plates, and drop an LS engine in. The Welder Series LS1/LS6 adapter plates are sold in complete kits, including proper hardware to mount the engine in the stock location or an inch closer to the firewall. Order from Welder Series online at or call 888-648-2150 for more.

Steer Clear
AmsOil Inc introduces their new AmsOil Synthetic Universal Power Steering Fluid. Its synthetic formulation delivers better lubricity in cold temperatures, yet resists thermal breakdown to maintain its maximum protection in high temperatures. Many people do not think about power steering fluid unless it has become a problem; however, just like any other lubricating fluid, it does have a service life. Many OEMs recommend changing power steering fluid at regular intervals. Accumulation of wear material and other debris can contaminate the fluid and break down its protection properties. For more information about AmsOil, contact your nearest AmsOil distributor, call 800-777-8491 or visit

Speedy Tees ACME Speed Shop launched a new line of hot rod and custom inspired T-shirts. They have assembled some of the best automotive artists to design shirts for their Artist Signature Series of tees. Shirts come in an assortment of colors and are available for men and women. Some of ACME's artist include John Bell, Keven Carter, Dan Collins, Ruben Duran, Mr. G., Jack Hamilton, Max Grundy, Makoto, Jeff Norwell, Jason Cruz, Ger Peters, Michael Shoaf, Jeral Tidwell, and Tuck (Jeff Tuckner). You can find bios of all of the artists and links to their websites on ACME's website. To find out more, contact ACME Speed Shop by logging onto

You Got To Have Power!
Realizing that many of us have become slaves to electronic devices, Watson's StreetWorks put together a kit that allows the freedom of using those devices in any classic truck. Their Power Port with Billet Plug allows you to charge those devices yet maintain the detailed, distinctive good looks of your interior. The easily installed Power Port fits into a 7/8-inch hole, and has an attractive, machined billet plug with an O-ring retainer. A spare O-ring and a 10-32 threaded stud for attaching one of several decorative knobs (sold separately) or use any 10-32 threaded knob to match your interior. For more details, contact Watson's StreetWorks at 860-859-0513, or online at