How about that! It actually worked! The new support strap I'd fashioned did the job and took the stress at the first weld joint just as I'd hoped it would. After lifting the body a good foot above the framerails I let it hang there for about 15 minutes or so to see if the whole shootin' match would come crashing to the ground. It held up just fine with just a bit of flex but no bending or cracking. After about three hours or so and about a $100 worth of steel I'd succeeded in my quest for a hoist I could use in lieu of a bunch of helping hands.

This is an example of how I personally tackled my working solo conundrum. And as I said earlier, I'm sure as heck no engineer, but it's pretty darned stable and has been working for me since I finished it. I'll show you a great alterative next issue if everything works out the way I plan. Just please keep in mind that if you attempt to follow my lead make sure you play it safe and never get near the item you're lifting--lest you take the chance of getting squashed if something goes wrong.

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