Cold Air For You & Your Six
Vintage Air thinks inliners are cool too! Their new Steel-eez air-conditioning brackets for the 216, 235, 261 Chevy, and 270ci GM six-cylinders mount a popular Sanden 508 compressor and a GM-type alternator. A unique dual-drive uses separate belts to drive the alternator and compressor to deliver proper belt wrap for optimal accessory operation. The kit includes a brand-new dual groove replacement harmonic balancer as shown. Designed to clear most dual carb manifolds and aftermarket headers, the new Steel-eez bracket is made of laser cut, jig-welded 5/8-inch steel. Contact Vintage Air at 800-862-6658 or online at

Steering Basics
The Classic Performance Products basic power steering kit allows you to install a '69-87 Chevy two-wheel drive power steering box into your '47-59 Chevy truck. The kit includes CPP's collapsible intermediate shaft that is much safer than a solid shaft; U-joints and a pitman arm are also included. For more info from Classic Performance Products, call 800-830-0952; or log onto

Stately Columns
Flaming River Industries has announced the availability of their all-new stainless steel tilt steering columns with a built-in ignition key specifically for the '73-87 Chevrolet/GMC C/K-10 and C/K-20 series pickups. Each column uses a premium-quality 304-grade stainless steel column tube and shroud with all-new internal components, including turn signal/hazard switch and wiring harness with the 4 1/4-inch GM plug. The column features a special column shroud, which blends into the stock dash. For details from Flaming River Industries, call 800-648-8022 or visit

Rock It
One of the most memorable items on old vehicles is their chrome hood ornaments. After all these years if the hood rockets on your '57 Chevy truck aren't making memories due to excessive pitting, chrome flaking off, or they are missing-replace them! Bowtie Bits has show-quality Chevy and Cameo chrome hood rocket sets that are exactly like originals. This very rare accessory normally found on Cameos looks good on regular half-ton Chevys too. Hardware and a template are included with each made in the USA set. For more details, contact Bowtie Bits online at or call 316-941-9331.

Inject Your 409
Hilborn Fuel Injection is proud to introduce the 348/409 as the newest addition to its injector manifold line. The individual runner design of a Hilborn manifold provides unmatched throttle response, low-end torque, enhanced engine acceleration, along with big peak power gains. By design they are not affected by the disruptive pulses found in other intake systems, making low speed operation of a Hilborn smooth and driveable, even on applications with aggressive camshafts. The 348/409 Injector is machined to fit standard or raised port cylinder heads, can easily support over 800 hp and is available as mechanical or electronic kits or individual components. Contact Hilborn Fuel Injection for more info at 949-360-0909 or

Maximum Overdrive Made Easy
The Gearstar Performance 700-R4 Street Performance transmission and torque converter package is designed to work behind a small-block engine producing up to 400 hp with 300 lb-ft of torque in a street-driven vehicle. This overdrive 700-R4 transmission from Gearstar will provide firm positive shifts that are not abusive. All Gearstar Transmissions are custom manufactured one at a time by a single technician who will be specially assigned to your performance package. Gearstar has also dropped the price on their 700-R4 and added a three-year 36,000-mile warranty, and will now ship this package for free anywhere in the continental U.S. For more details from Gearstar Performance, call 800-633-2353 or log onto

The folks at the Trans-Dapt Performance R&D Department think that factory engineers intentionally design engines to be as hard to work on and as messy to deal with as possible. Take your oil filter, for example. If after an oil change you don't have oil dripping onto the block, crossmembers, suspension, and yourself, you're one of the lucky few. The solution to the oil filter change problem is simple, Trans-Dapt Performance Products' Oil Filter Relocation Kit. To put one on your vehicle, just locate a sturdy spot in your engine compartment (firewall, fenderwell) and mount the horizontal oil filter base. The kit can be installed anywhere in the engine compartment for easy servicing. For more details, contact Trans-Dapt Performance Products at or call 562-921-0404.

Get Your High Beams On
Delta Tech Industries has expanded its line of 7-inch performance headlights to include one of four available built-in auxiliary lights. These headlights come equipped with a standard third beam 4-watt "city light" (a European version of parking lights). You can also get amber directional "blinkers," 20-watt halogen daytime running lights, or LED "mood lights" for cruising at dusk. The entire 7-inch reflector magnifies the signal, which makes it a cool statement-not to mention a real safety enhancement. It's an ideal headlight upgrade for classic cars and trucks. For more info from Delta Tech industries, log onto their website at or call 714-577-8028.

Classy Trim
From the McMillan Rod & Custom shop comes this new product that has a multitude of possibilities. Half round solid stainless steel moldings are now available in 3/8- and 1/2-inch-wide versions and are sold by the foot. The trim is made from solid 304-stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. Options include bullet-shaped ends and mounting studs. They can be used for hood side moldings, interior accents, running board strips, or any number of other applications. For these and other innovative stainless steel products, visit McMillan Rod & Custom at or call 715-387-6847.