I can't tell you how many times I've been told, or even said to others, "Use the proper tool for the proper job." However, like most of us, I too sometimes attempt to make do with what I have on hand because far too often that "proper tool" is a specialty item that I'd love to have, but can't afford.

As I was preparing my latest project for some media blasting, I began to realize that I was going to have to blast different areas of my vehicle with different types of media. The dash, doors, and trim areas needed a less aggressive media as I was primarily interested in removing old paint, and other areas needed a more aggressive blast media because of some pretty heavy rust and corrosion. Switching over from one media to another in my standard blaster is always a time consuming, and often wasteful proposition. Each time I have to do it, whatever is left in the hopper inevitably spills out on the ground making a mess. Well, lucky for us, the folks at Eastwood have come up with a great answer to this problem. Their new Dual Blaster allows you to have two different blast media's loaded in separate hoppers, and with a simple turn of a few valves the ability to switch from an aggressive media (aluminum oxide or glass bead) to gentler media like soda. The soda, which is bicarbonate of soda (also known as baking soda) will still strip paint and minor light rust, without the pitting, or surface distortion sometimes seen with more aggressive media choices.

After a short but well thought out discussion with my procurement facilitator (otherwise known as my wife), I ordered up one of the Eastwood Dual Blasters. Assembly was quick, with step-by-step instructions. I found the positive control dead man switch discharge nozzle, with easy turn media selection valves, were both comfortable and very controllable. By adjusting the media delivery valve (at the bottom of the tank), and the throttle valve, I was able to fine tune the rate of media, and air pressure, thereby maximizing removal, and minimizing the media usage.

Using the Dual Blaster is as easy as operating a standard single-hopper unit you begin by opening the media flow valve about half open. Then turn open the corresponding tanks valve on the discharge nozzle (if working the soda side, open the green media valve on the tank, and the green valve on the nozzle), then slowly open the throttle valve until it is half open. Then while holding the discharge nozzle 6 to 12 inches from the work surface, and at 30- to 45-degree angle from the surface, slowly squeeze open the dead man trigger on the discharge nozzle. With some valve adjustments, you will be cleaning and abrading the surfaces of all those awaiting projects. Be sure to use the included blasting hood, gloves, and a mask, the blast media goes everywhere-and no matter what media you're using, you definitely do not want to be breathing the dust blasting produces.

With Eastwood's Dual Blaster, you will be saving time and money by being able to utilize two different blast media's with just a turn of a valve. Have a blast ...