What Did You Learn This Month?
Night School would not be complete without a quiz! Don't worry about your test-taking skills or grades. This is an open-magazine, true or false test. Clues can be found within the Night School text, photos, and captions. Have a good month!

True or False Questions:

1. Rack-and-pinion steering has been popular and available on light trucks since the 1920s.

2. Worm-and-roller steering gears have a recirculating ball-and-nut mechanism.

3. General Motors' Saginaw Division designed the most durable manual steering gear to date. G.M. trucks began using the recirculating ball-and-nut gear in 1941.

4. It's a very good idea to run exhaust headers close to the manual steering gear. This will keep the gear lubricant warm in the winter.

5. Parts are available for rebuilding vintage Gemmer steering gears. The classic '53-60 Ford F-100 pickups use a Gemmer steering gear with a three-tooth roller.

6. Most vintage manual steering gears use an 80- or 90-weight gear lubricant. The steering gear fluid level should be checked when you perform routine lubrication service.

7. The steering gear's high point should line up with the front wheels in the straight-ahead position. This gives good road feel and helps eliminate wander.

8. Your vintage truck wanders all over the road. Steering wheel play measures 120 degrees. This steering gear is not a candidate for minor mesh adjustment. The gear should be rebuilt and adjusted to specification.

9. After adjusting the steering gear, you feel roughness when rotating the steering wheel. There is slight binding in two positions. The gear needs a complete rebuild.

10. The steering wheel lines up with the high point of the steering gear. Driving down a straight road, the steering wheel sits 45 degrees off center. It's okay to just remove the steering wheel and reinstall it with the spokes straight. The high point is not important.

1 false 2 false 3 true 4 false 5 true 6 true 7 true 8 true 9 true 10 false

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