Roll-Y Pulley
Concept One has extended its pulley systems to include a new compact and stylish line for the venerable Ford Cleveland 351 engine. Providing a choice of four systems for the Cleveland, they range from a basic alternator-only pulley kit to a full option solution with alternator, air conditioning compressor, and power steering mechanism. These kits comprise of all associated pulleys, brackets, belts, and chrome hardware. In addition, a polished compressor and alternator and an aluminum power-steering pump are supplied together with Concept One's exclusive power steering reservoir to complete the package. For further options and info, contact Concept One at 770-889-5900 or

Beef Up Your Bottom
Jim Meyer Racing Products has been making rearend kits for any truck for over 20 years, and now you can get a new 9-inch rearend any width designed to fit your 'rails. The four-link rearend kit will eliminate axle housing windup and provide great handling, stability, traction, and improved launches. Corner carving antisway bars are optional. You'll get a narrowed housing with matching Dutchman alloy axles, adjustable Panhard bar, aluminum adjustable coilover shocks, and urethane-bushed adjustable four-link bars with a forward crossmember. All brackets are jig-welded to the housing and crossmember so you can weld it in and bolt it together in the driveway on a weekend. See it all on their website. For more info, contact Jim Meyer Racing Products at 800-824-1752 or visit them online at

Cruise In Comfort
Whether you're getting chills up your pant legs or your feet are on fire when driving your classic Chevy truck, Chevs of the 40's can help ease the suffering from climate extremes with their new firewall pads for '47-50 Chevy trucks. These new stock reproduction firewall pads not only look good and are affordable, they are also easy to install. For more details and parts for your truck, contact Chevs of the 40's by calling toll-free at 800-999-CHEV (2438) or visit

The Angle Just Got A New Dangle
When it comes to finishing the interior in a classic truck, Juliano's specializes in supplying the finer detailing components-like these adjustable floor mounts for any angle. The Easy-Angle Floor Mounts come in several sizes to accommodate steering columns with tube diameters of 11/2 to 23/8 inches. The center of the unit swivels to accommodate any mounting angle, and they are split and pinned for easy assembly and perfect alignment around your column. Once installed, the column is completely watertight. You can opt for the round or slim-line style (both shown here), and either one can be ordered with or without a shift rod hole. They come in a polished or satin finish, and can also be painted. For more information, call Juliano's toll-free at 800-300-1932 or visit them on the web at

Loads Of LS Power
Late-model GM LS engine enthusiasts can now take the guesswork out of adding horsepower to their LS2 engines with Trick Flow Specialties' new Top-End Kit for GM LS2 applications. The kit is specially designed by the experts at Trick Flow and dyno-proven to deliver big power gains for less than the cost of purchasing the individual components separately. The kit is built around Trick Flow's GenX Street/Strip CNC-ported cylinder heads. Trick Flow engineers modified the valve angles to decrease valve shrouding, increase mid-lift airflow, and improve rocker-to-valve cover clearance. The kit also includes a specially matched hydraulic roller camshaft designed to boost power in the 3,000-7,000 rpm range and a set of roller rockers to reduce friction and increase valvetrain stability. For complete details, contact Trick Flow Specialties by calling 330-630-1555 or visit them online at