New Dials For Old Trucks
Classic Instruments is proud to announce their new gauge panel and gauges for '67-72 Chevy trucks. The seven-hole "tach" gauge panel has polished stainless steel bezels and flat glass over each of the gauges that are available in nine different styles. The turn signal indicators are in the stock location for a more original look, while the high beam indicator light in the 140-mph speedometer is a modern blue LED. The Classic Instruments '67-72 truck panel comes complete with sending units necessary for installation (temp, oil pressure with bushing, and pulse signal generator) and is shipped assembled with a wiring harness. For more info from Classic Instruments call 800-575-0461, or log onto

Snakin' Around
Installing aftermarket headers on your truck can give you a lot of bang for the buck, although getting the rest of the exhaust system to join the new headers can be a bit tricky. To make this task easier, Hedman Hedders manufactures universal use S-bend exhaust extensions to take some of the pain out of this process. Once loosely fastened to the header collectors, the S-bends can be rotated to clear any obstacle previously in the way. As is the case with all Hedman exhaust products, these S-bend extensions have clean mandrel bends to ensure optimum exhaust flow, for maximum performance gains. For additional information, visit, or call 562-921-0404.

The Lowly C-10
KP Components has just released their rear suspension system for the '63-72 Chevy C-10 pickups. Staying true with the KP tradition, this new rear suspension system offers a true bolt-on four link and cantilever system. The KP Components standard rear suspension system includes a bolt-on four link with a bolt-on panhard bar, weld-on step notch kit, a bolt-on cantilever system, a pair of Slam Specialties RE7 airbags, shocks, and all the bushings and hardware to install the kit. All the components come with a flat black powdercoated finish for a clean look and strong durability. This system is designed to provide 10-plus inches of suspension travel and works with wheel sizes ranging from 18-24 inches. For more details and options from KP Components, log onto, or call 800-722-2269.

Mopar Class
Mopar fans and purists alike will be challenged to resist Edelbrock's latest editions to their timeless classic finned valve covers. There are even three engine options and two different finishes to choose from. Manufactured of heavy-gauge, sand-cast aluminum, these are not the cheap knockoffs common in today's market; they are made in the United States for the best quality and appearance available. Edelbrock offers them in a classic polished finish or with a modern textured black powdercoating. The black coated option is machined on the fins and logo, yielding a machined aluminum contrast that really delivers a contemporary look. Applications are available for Chrysler small-blocks (LA and Magnum), and big-blocks (383/440); matching Classic Series breathers and air cleaners are also available (sold separately). For more information call 310-781-2222 or visit

We Don't Need No Stinkin' A/C
Millions of classic GM trucks were equipped with factory air conditioning that may or may not work today, and many people prefer to remove these air conditioning systems when restoring their trucks. The folks at AGM Industries have designed an A/C delete kit that replaces your original A/C evaporator box while maintaining the function of your stock heater and defrost system. The AGM A/C delete kit requires absolutely no firewall modification for installation, which allows re-installation of the original A/C system if so desired at a later date. The covers are also designed with clearance to accommodate tall valve covers and exhaust headers. In addition to enhancing your engine compartment's looks, the A/C delete kit will allow you to remove over 150 pounds of unnecessary weight from your truck. AGM offers models to fit '67-90 GM full-size trucks. For more info from AGM Industries call 303-536-4576, or log onto

Save That Six
With many parts for older vehicles being discontinued, out of circulation, or dwindling in supply, restorers are depending more on EngineQuest's large inventory of hard-to-find cylinder heads and engine parts to complete their projects and restorations. Now EngineQuest offers early model Ford restorers the opportunity to easily fit a '70-79 200/250 six-cylinder head with a pre-'69 Ford straight-six. EngineQuest's new early model Ford carburetor adapter converts the later 1 3/4-inch carburetor base to fit the earlier engine that has a 1 1/2-inch carburetor base. EngineQuest's carburetor adaptor (No. CA200) looks just like the factory original, has an OE fit, and is made from CNC-machined billet aluminum. For more information go to, or call 800-426-8771.

You Can Do It
What do you do if you have a truck with an irreplaceable fender that is damaged beyond repair or missing? In the Scratch-Building a Fender DVD by Ron Covell, he shows you how to use the opposite fender to design a buck, pointing out the features required to make a new fender that perfectly mirrors the model. This is a fascinating, in-depth look at the start-to-finish construction of a very challenging project! For more information, contact Covell Creative Metalworking at 800-747-4631, or log onto

Work Sharper, Not Harder
Professional Tool Manufacturing is an industry leader in making sharpening and grinding tools, including the popular Drill Doctor drill bit sharpener. Professional Tool Manufacturing has introduced a new tool sharpener/precision grinder for professional auto mechanics, technicians, and automotive weekend warriors-the Work Sharp Model 2000. The Work Sharp tool/knife sharpener/precision grinder is packed with features everyone needs. Work Sharp can accomplish common shop tasks, such as deburring steel muffler pipe, sharpening gasket scrapers, and creating flat bevels on steel during welding prep. The Work Sharp is assembled in the United States and comes with a two-year warranty. For more information call 800-597-6170 or visit

Pick Your Power
XS Power is pleased to announce their new integrated battery amperage rail system (I-BAR). The XS Power I-BAR System allows one battery to be customized for your exact purpose by the use of marine-type studs, SAE posts (which fit many domestic and import vehicles), standard GM posts, or a combination of any. This is great for side-post configurations (found on many GM vehicles) or high-demand situations such as car audio. With XS Power's kit No. 555, a total of four posts (two positive, two negative) can be utilized for multiple connections or applications that need extra power quickly. For more information from XS Power call 865-688-5953 or visit