Lead The Way
This essential guide for owners or enthusiasts of Chevy trucks built from '55-60 provides step-by-step instruction on frame and chassis cleaning, suspension rebuilding and upgrades, rebuilding steering, upgrading brakes to front discs, rebuilding the engine, cooling system upgrades, transmission choices, electrical rewiring, and much more. For ordering info, contact the Penguin Group at 800-788-6262, or online at www.penguin.com.

Hungry For More?
For those looking for more info on popular Chevy LS engine swaps, this new book from CarTech is just the ticket. How To Swap GM LS-Series Engines Into Almost Anything shows how to fit these powerhouse engines into popular vintage cars, hot rods, and classic trucks. This book includes a historical review, complete specs, and detailed information so you can select and fit the best LS engine for a particular vehicle and application. For more info and other books from CarTech, call 800-551-4754, or log onto www.cartech.com.

Limey Lorries
If you're looking to expand your "universal" knowledge of classic trucks, British Lorries of the 1950s is a good start. This book is a highly visual study of British Lorries built over 50 years ago and contains 120 color and black and white images. The photographic content extends to publicity material as well as the preservation scene depicting historic vehicles at work. The book is available from Veloce Publishing in the U.K. online at www.veloce.co.uk; or in the United States through Motorbooks, 800-826-6600, www.motorbooks.com.

When it comes to restoring classic cars and trucks, the devil is often in the details! This is especially true with all the small pieces of decorative trim and hardware. How To Restore Automotive Trim and Hardware provides instructions for getting those essential details just right. Whether you're looking to replace it, repair it, polish it, or re-chrome it, this book tells you how-and photos help guide you through each step. The book covers the repair of stainless steel and aluminum trim, decorative strips, fenders, bumpers, hub caps, wheel covers, door and trunk handles, and more. For more info, contact Motorbooks at 800-826-6600, or go to www.motorbooks.com.