Open & Shut
Long awaited and now available, Chevs of the 40's is pleased to offer brand-new `39-46 Chevy truck upper and lower door hinges. No more hunting swap meets and salvage yards only to find not-so-great, used hinges. Each upper and lower can be used side for side and can be bought individually or in sets. Visit Chevs of the 40's online at or call 866-681-7420.

Fill Yer Fenders
Introducing the new `47-53 Chevy Fat-Tire truck chassis from Total Cost Involved Engineering. The Fat-Tire Chevy truck chassis was CAD engineered with a 2x8 fully boxed framerails with a rigid K-member design for more strength and durability. It also features six bolt-on running board brackets, cab mounts, front body mount, engine and transmission mounts, power brakes, proportional valve, steel brake lines installed with hoses, with new 31-spline axles (standard), rear drum brake kit, and a chrome brake pad. You also have your choice of a custom IFS or Mustang II frontend, a new F-9 fabricated housing Currie 9-inch, and the new TCI Pro-Street four-link 1 1/4-inch performance bars for more strength and handling. For more information please call Total Cost Involved at 800-984-6250, or visit them online at

The Sound Going `Round
COMP Cams extends their Thumpr cam line to provide 4.6/5.4L Ford modular three-valve engines with an aggressive idle and increased power, all while keeping stock valvesprings. Ford built a great stock engine, but with a little help from COMP Cams it can sound and perform like a real hot rod. Like the original Thumpr cam line, the Ford camshafts have three different grind profiles for each engine, all of which will produce a rough, racy exhaust note and impressive gains in horsepower and torque. In fact, extensive testing of these new combinations has confirmed repeatable power gains of 25-plus rear wheel horsepower with no sacrifices in long-term durability. For more information, contact COMP Cams at 800-999-0853, or visit them online at

Get Yer Guns
Looking for that unique vintage style wheel? Well, Wheel Vintiques introduces the Artillery, inspired by the GM Artillery of the `30s. Various bolt patterns from 5 on 4 1/2 to 6 on 5 1/2 make it a perfect choice for both Chevy and Ford enthusiasts. The Artillery is available in 15-inch diameter with better brake clearance and with widths ranging from 5 to 10 inches, with standard or custom offsets. It also accepts all Smoothie- and Rally-style hubcaps and is available bare, in chrome, or powdercoated. For more information, contact Wheel Vintiques at 559-251-6957 or

Master Diet
The engineers at Performance Online (POL) introduce their new all-aluminum master cylinder and proportioning valve kit. These Corvette-style master cylinders are 8 pounds less than cast iron units! POL also burnishes the bore to remove and/or greatly reduces burrs, imperfections, and micro machining chatter marks that occur in all machine processes. POL's proportioning valves are hard anodized to increase longevity, have correct spring rates per GM specs, and each valve is pressure tested prior to being released for sale. The new masters and prop valves are sold individually and are standard in all of POL's manual and power disc brake conversions at no extra cost! Contact Performance Online at 800-638-1703, or visit them on the web at

Cut Corners With The Cone
Mothers announces their innovative new PowerCone--the versatile metal polishing tool built on technology derived from their exclusive PowerBall line of foam polishing tools. Built for use with cordless drills, the new PowerCone offers the same ease-of-use and spectacular results to quickly bring a shine to any uncoated polishable metal finish, no matter how intricate the design. The PowerCone has an ingenious conical shape made of soft professional-grade foam to offer a wide range of possibilities, everything from radius polishing to the pinpoint accuracy needed for getting into tight, difficult-to-reach areas. Combined with your favorite Mothers metal polish--PowerMetal, Mag & Aluminum Polish, or Billet Metal Polish--the PowerCone gives you a deep, mirror-like shine in less time. For more details from Mothers Polishes Waxes and Cleaners, log onto, or call 714-891-1519.

Protect Your Power
You've spent thousands of dollars rebuilding your motor, why top it off with parts store engine paint? The folks at Eastwood have developed a new engine coating they call Eastwood High Temperature Ceramic Engine Paints. They're available in 19 factory and universal colors for that factory fresh look. Plus, ceramic nano-technology ensures that your engine will be protected and resist small chips, chemicals, and heat. In fact it boasts the highest temperature range in the industry at 650-degrees. Packaged in quarts, they can be brushed or sprayed on, a real convenience whether the engine is on the stand or in the truck. For more information on The Eastwood Company, their products, or to request a free copy of their catalog, go to or call 800-343-9353.