Secret Sounds
Brand new from Custom Autosound is their Hideaway 140-watt AM/FM CD controller featuring RF (radio frequency) remote control ideal for classics, customs, or just about any vehicle. This system even allows the original radio to stay intact for those that don't want to mess up their dashboard. An LCD display can be mounted almost anywhere (or not at all) and can be controlled by wireless remote from up to 50 feet away. The tuner/amplifier unit can be hidden under the seat, behind the dash, or just about anywhere. For more details, contact Custom Autosound at 800-888-8637, or on the web at

Plug-In Power
It's no secret that most classic trucks are lacking in the fuse panel and available power source departments. Now, thanks to Watson's StreetWorks, they have a new 40-amp relay with a built-in fuse that is a cinch to install. Just wire the relay between power and the load, add a control switch to trigger the relay, one ground wire, and you're done! No extra fuse holder required and there's no problem if all your fuses are already being used-plus, it's neat and compact. The Watson's StreetWorks 40-amp relay comes with a 30-amp fuse, but of course you'll need to size the fuse to your load requirements before the circuit is protected. For more info, call Watson's StreetWorks at 860-859-0513, or online at

More Ford = More Fun
A new line of Edelbrock crate engines is now available for Ford lovers everywhere. Edelbrock's RPM 347s deliver up to 449 hp and 417 lb-ft of torque. These 347-cubic-inch engines are all new, built from 8.2-inch deck height Ford Racing BOSS blocks and feature a 4.030- x 3.400-inch bore and stroke combo. They are also home to a forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods, forged aluminum pistons, Edelbrock's Total Power Package, and much more. Like all Edelbrock crate engines, these Ford packages deliver a street-friendly balance of broad torque and high-end horsepower on pump gas. For more details on Edelbrock's crate engine program, call 310-781-2222, or log onto

Johnny On The Spot-Weld
Imagine being able to drill out spot welds quickly and without drilling through both panels. Well, now you can-with the HTP Spot Mill, a unique tool that has a hardened cobalt steel bullet point drill bit, similar to the kind found in a Bridgeport milling machine. The depth of cut is easily set by turning the adjusting ring, so you can set the tool to not cut into a backing panel. The high-torque, low-rpm drill motor cuts out welds quickly without overheating the drill bit, resulting in long drill life. The Spot Mill comes in a rugged molded case complete with four replacement cutting bits, regulator, and oiler. For more info, contact HTP America at 1-800-USA-WELD, or online at

Get Home With Chrome
There are more than a few Demon carburetors out on the road today, and now you can dress up your old Demon with one of Barry Grant's new Chrome Plated Float Bowl kits. These chrome beauties are sold as a pair with all of the necessary gaskets included for installation. The show-quality chrome-plated bowls will make a great upgrade to most Demon carburetors, not to mention help improve the looks of any engine bay. Order these Chrome Bowl Kits from Barry Grant or your local dealer. For more details and dealer info, contact Barry Grant at 706-864-8544 or online at

New Belt For An Old Waist
March Performance takes great pride in announcing their new Style Track serpentine conversion kit designed just for the Ford Flathead V-8! Now you can replace the old V-belts on your Flathead with March's Style Track, which features no-slip operation in one compact, highly styled package, and you can have air conditioning to boot. The Style Track's inward-mounted 105-amp alternator and A/C unit fits nicely beneath tall, narrow hoods. Two new water pumps with 45- or 90-degree motor mounts provide the cooling, while two idlers guarantee all the belt tension this kit needs to prevent slippage. Best of all, an optional center-mounted remote power steering pump acts as an easy belt tensioning mechanism (also available without pump). To get the full story, contact March Performance at 888-729-9070, or log onto