The Steel Deal
Chev's of the 40's now has the missing link to keeping your truck all steel. Fitting '47-'55 Chevy trucks, this two-piece hood will keep you out of the salvage yards and get you into the paint booth. This new die-stamped, sheet metal hood comes EDP coated to keep it free of rust and corrosion and includes correct mounting points to add to your hardware. Comes assembled and includes underhood bracing and an upper-hood latch pin and support like the original. For info on this and more from Chev's of the 40's, call 800-999-CHEV (2438), or visit them on the web at

Need A Lift
Are you the proud owner of an old rusty truck? What if the rust has claimed many of the mounts on your '67-'72 Chevy/GMC truck or perhaps they are bent or missing? Brothers Trucks now offer replacement radiator core support, cab, and bed frame mounts for this ever-popular group of C-10 trucks. The new mounts are laser cut to exact specifications and will allow you to replace your existing rusted or damaged mounts perfectly. So don't mess around any longer, contact Brothers Trucks at 800-977-2767, or via their website at

Hot Time In The Old Truck
Not everyone likes to be cold. If you only need a heater in your truck and don't want to mess with A/C, Vintage Air now offers a new heater unit with the same precise servo-controls as their famous Gen-II A/C systems. Three electronic switches control the servo actuated water valve, the blend-air door for floor and defrost flow, and the fan speed. The Gen-II features a powerful fan motor and a high-capacity blower fan. The ultra-compact dimensions make an easy fitment behind shallow truck dashes. Contact Vintage Air at 800-862-6658, or online at

Y-Block Not?
Improve the performance of your '54-'64 Ford Y-block V-8 with these all-new Y-Block Tru-Ram Performance Exhaust Manifolds from Speedway Motors. When the Y-block V8 was first introduced in the mid-'50s, Ford Motor Company realized the engine needed to produce more torque and horsepower in its truck applications. Ford engineers designed these W-style manifolds to help deliver the extra power necessary. Speedway Motors has faithfully reproduced Ford's original design using new tooling, improved casting processes and high-nickel-content iron. The resulting manifolds produce significant horsepower improvements over standard passenger car headers or exhaust manifolds. Call Speedway Motors at 800-979-0122, or visit them online at

Early Dodge Spoken Here
Got a '39-'47 Dodge truck and need bed parts for it? Horkey's Wood and Parts will work with you to build up a complete stock or custom bed box. They have the parts to fill your needs, including front bed panels, tailgates with or without the "DODGE" embossment, chains, hinges, and brackets. The bedsides include the roll, flare angle, cutouts, fender holes, and have the box-to-bed angles attached. Horkey's has many other parts for vintage Dodge pickups as well as wood finishing supplies. For mor info contact Horkey's Wood and Parts at 507-831-5625, or online at

Spray It, Don't Say It
With all of their experience in automotive refinishing, it was only a matter of time before Eastwood launched their own paint gun. Eastwood's new Concours HVLP gun is a high-performance HVLP gravity-fed paint gun designed for both the home hobbyist and the seasoned professional. Requiring a working air pressure of only 4cfm at 29psi, the Concours will run flawlessly using a home or shop compressor. Eastwood's Concours has many of the same features as guns selling for two or three times the price. Available with 1.2, 1.4, and 1.8mm needle/nozzle combinations, the Eastwood Concours can handle nearly any job thrown at it. For more details contact Eastwood at, or call 800-343-9353.