Early F-Series Foundation
Thanks to popular demand, Total Cost Involved Engineering is proud to announce their new `48-52 Ford F-1 truck chassis. The chassis was CAD-engineered and built with 2x8-inch fully boxed framerails and a rigid crossmember design for superior strength and durability. With TCI's chassis you will receive four bolt-on running board brackets, cab mounts, and front body mounts. The base chassis (shown) will have engine and transmission mounts, complete custom IFS or Mustang II frontend, brake pedal and bracket, a new Currie 9-inch rear axlehousing with new 31-spline axles, and a complete rear parallel leaf spring or four-link kit. For more info and options, please contact Total Cost Involved at 866-925-1098, or www.totalcostinvolved.com.

The Air Down Here
AccuAir has released their new line of e-Level electronic leveling systems and air management packages that bring improved handling, ride quality, and reliability to air suspension. AccuAir's e-Level system features three programmable heights, a ride-monitor mode, TruPosition height sensors, ride height on-start, anti "cross-loading" technology, their TouchPad controller, a keychain remote, and full testing at the factory before shipping. The system even monitors vehicle voltage and automatically turns compressor(s) off at 10.5 volts to prevent a dead battery which is an industry first. For more information regarding the AccuAir e-Level leveling systems and air management packages, call 877-247-3696, or log onto www.accuairsuspension.com.

New from Performance Online, Inc. is their lightweight aluminum D52 dual-piston caliper, which is part of their Power Regulator Series. POL's calipers are completely redesigned and replace the popular large GM D52 caliper found on both cars and trucks from the late `60s through the early `90s and used on many IFS kits. The new caliper has many improvements, such as aluminum construction for lighter weight and quicker heat dissipation, trick-looking casting for better appearance (polished shown), and dual 47mm pistons. Slider pin insulators provide quiet and smooth operation throughout the caliper movement area, unlike many other aluminum calipers. POL's calipers are all-new and come loaded with semi-metallic D52 pads. Please contact Performance Online at 800-638-1703, or visit their website at www.performanceonline.com.

Clean Shifts
Phoenix Transmission Products is now building all its performance automatic transmissions with a special seven-part cleaning and burnishing process that produces a beautiful semi-polished finish on the case--inside and out. This process closes up porosity in transmission cases, reduces stress points, and strengthens the material to resist cracking. The process uses only biodegradable materials and has eliminated the use of paints and harmful chemicals as well. In addition, all external hardware on these transmissions is cadmium-plated to resist corrosion and stay looking good for years to come. For more info, contact Phoenix Transmission Products at 866-SHIFT-UP, or online at www.phoenixtrans.com.

Nice Dog Dish
Add the finishing touch to your classic Chevy Rally wheel by using one of Stockton Wheel Service's reproduction hubcaps. From smoothie to Bow Tie, disc brake to Rally Sport caps, Stockton Wheel Service has the right cap for your truck. Stockton's Rally wheel caps come in either a chromed or polished stainless steel finish (depends on model) and are officially licensed by GM. Each features the correct OEM logos and/or ribs just like the originals and fit any original wheel or Stockton Wheel's 14- through 17-inch GM Rally wheels. For more information on all of Stockton Wheel Service's products and services, call 800-395-9433, or visit them on the web at www.stocktonwheel.com.