Crate Of Horses

A new line of Ford crate engines from Edelbrock made their debut at the 2008 SEMA show. Edelbrock's RPM 347s deliver up to 440 hp and 425 lb-ft of torque (dual-quad) and 437 hp and 415 lb-ft of torque (single-carb). These 347-cubic-inch Fords feature a 4.030-inch bore x 3.400-inch stroke combo and are built from an 8.2-inch-deck-height Dart Iron Eagle block using a SCAT cast crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods, and KB pistons. The heart of the performance is Edelbrock's Total Power Package combination of roller camshaft, Performer RPM or RPM Xtreme cylinder heads, and RPM intake manifold and carburetor or Pro-Flo XT fuel injection. Like all Edelbrock crate engines, these Ford packages deliver a street-friendly balance of broad torque and high-end horsepower on pump gas. For more info, please visit Edelbrock at

Three Pedals Just Got More Fun

Engineered Components, Inc. (ECI) introduces its new under-floor-mount inline brake and clutch pedal assemblies. These new pedal assemblies are just the ticket for compact under-floor spacing. Their unique inline design utilizes an offset bellcrank allowing the master cylinder or booster to be mounted further rearward and inline with the clutch master, providing substantially more pedal and exhaust system clearance, a major problem in standard shift installations. These pedal assemblies use a new attachment system where the pedals and pivot shaft are installed from the front, requiring virtually no side clearance for installation of the pedals. Mounting systems are available for various boosted and unboosted installations and come with pedal pads and hardware. Full Round and Flat Round pedals are available as an option. For more information, call ECI at 860-872-7046, or log onto

Clips Aren't Just For Chips

New for '60-87 Chevy/GMC pickups from Jim Meyer Racing Products is their bolt-in front steer IFS kit. Using stock-existing factory holes, this easy-to-install, bolt-in or weld-in IFS kit featuring '78-88 front-steer Impala spindles, 12-inch Impala rotors, calipers, and ball joints will give you a 5x5-inch-diameter wheelbolt pattern. The stock crossmember unbolts and is replaced with a new 2x4x.188-inch-wall bolt-in crossmember that holds a new '83-87 T-bird power rack-and-pinion steering unit. To retain the 62 1/2-inch track width, the kit features upper and lower A-arms made from beefy DOM tubing. The kit comes with aluminum coilovers with powdercoated springs that are attached to a three-position upper mount and a two-position lower mount that easily offers the stance you like best. For all the options available with this IFS, call Jim Meyer Racing Products at 800-824-1752, or visit their website at

More Brake For Mopars

Fatman and Wilwood have worked together to bring Mopar fans a new 2-inch dropped spindle and brake system. This kit combines stance and style for Volare frontends, with braking on par with the improved performance found under your hood. Fatman's new spindle and bracket are modeled after the Cordoba/Volare factory parts and will fit all trucks with this popular clip as well as Wilwood's 11- or 13-inch rotor kits. Contact Fatman Fabrications for more details, options, and products at 704-545-0369, or online at

A Light Cover

Trick Flow Specialties has developed a lightweight alternative valve cover for Ford 4.6/5.4L 2-valve engines. Trick Flow's cast-aluminum covers are more durable than the stock plastic pieces and eliminate warping and flexing under extreme conditions. These valve covers offer unique design features including a baffled PCV connection plus baffled and threaded fresh air connections for forced-induction applications. The covers come complete with OE-style gaskets, bolts, bolt seals, and two chrome filler caps. Available in silver, black, and natural finishes. For more info from Trick Flow, call 330-630-2504, or visit their website at