Plastic Is For Plants
Most of us need some sort of license plate frame for our trucks, so you might as well have a nice one-or two. Thanks to Billet Frames, a manufacturer of personalized CNC-engraved billet aluminum license frames, you can have them your way and toss the cheap plastic ones in the recycling bin. Their CNC billet aluminum license frames are a unique addition for all trucks, and are manufactured 100 percent in Germantown, Wisconsin. Choose from polished or black anodized finish. Numerous frame styles, fonts, and font colors are available, too. Billet Frames clearcoats, seals, and waxes the frames for long-term durability before shipping. For more info, contact Billet Frames online at, or by phone at 262-250-1500.

Chill Out
Southern Rods and Parts and Southern Air are proud to announce further advancements in their Maxi Cooler series of heat, air conditioning, and defrost units. Improving on an already great unit was hard, but several new and improved features have made the Maxi Cooler 2 hard to beat. First off is its all-new three-water electric water valve that allows for just the right mix of hot water for the perfect temperature settings. Second is the Magic Button that allows for the compressor to be engaged or disengaged in any of the settings. Finally are the super efficient air conditioning and heater cores that allow the units to get colder and hotter than many other units on the market. Southern Rods can be reached at, or at 864-848-0601.

Cut Time And Water
The Original California Car Duster Company has developed its new Platinum Jelly Blade. Designed for professional auto detailers, it is manufactured entirely (blade and handle) of super soft medical-grade silicone to better conform to curved and contoured surfaces than any other "blade" currently on the market. Patented T-bar technology is employed to quickly whisk water off most any surface-without scratching even the most delicate paint on an antique, classic, or custom vehicle. Through the use of the Platinum Jelly Blade, the time required to dry a car, truck, SUV, or van is about a third that of normal towel or chamois methods. For additional info from The Original California Car Duster Company, call 818-998-2300 or visit

It's A Blast
Start enjoying the benefits of Soda Master blasting today. Designed and engineered by Skat Blast, the Soda Master is an affordable solution for car enthusiasts, restoration shops, and home restorers who want to soda blast in an enclosed-type cabinet. This easy-to-use, fast, and effective soda blast attachment is a fraction of the cost of other units.

The Soda Master utilizes one of today's high-tech media (100 percent pure sodium bicarbonate-extra heavy-duty baking soda) manufactured specifically for soda blasting. Soda blasting is an excellent way to remove carbon, surface contamination, dirt, grime, corrosion, paint, surface rust, gasket materials, etc., from critical engine components, transmissions, electrical items, carburetors, wiper motors, heads, pistons, valves, cylinders, radiators, and more without harming or warping the original surface.

For more information about TP Tools, call 800-321-9260, or visit their website at