Dawn Of A New TIG
Miller's brand-new Diversion 165 AC/DC TIG welder makes TIG welding steel, stainless, and aluminum easier than ever before because it features just two controls, one for heat input and one for selecting metal type, and has a list price much less than comparable TIG machines. Since it is designed specifically for first-time TIG welders who want to take on motorsports TIG welding applications, every Diversion 165 box includes a 68-page TIG Welding for Dummies(r) book and a DVD on how to set up, operate, and weld with the unit, along with some basic TIG welding tips. The Diversion 165's stable arc and positive arc starts make it easier for beginners to achieve good results. The unit weighs a scant 50 pounds, connects to 230-volt/single-phase power using a "dryer-type" three-pronged plug, and only needs a 25-amp circuit breaker to produce its full welding output of 165 amps. The Diversion 165 can weld material as thin as 22-gauge and as thick as 3/16-inch in a single pass with its 10-165-amp output. For more information, visit Miller's website at www.MillerWelds.com, or call 800-426-4553.

Cool Calipers
New from Performance Online is their lightweight aluminum metric caliper. Part of their Power Regulator Series, POL's calipers are completely redesigned and replace the popular small D154 GM metric caliper ('78-88 midsize GM and '83-02 S-10) found on many IFS systems. This new caliper has many improvements, such as aluminum construction for lighter weight and quicker heat dissipation, better appearance (polished shown), and redesigned construction for greater strength. Also, a unique bore design allows the caliper to be used in extreme conditions, including sportsman circle track, autocross, and drag racing. POL's calipers are all new and come loaded with standard D154 pads. Please contact Performance Online at 800-638-1703 or visit them on the Web at www.performanceonline.com.

Fast Fuel Lines
Dripping fuel, scarred-up fittings, and time-consuming wrenching can make installing a carburetor a real pain. The Jiffy-tite Quick-Connect Carburetor Kit saves time and makes changeovers a breeze. Unlike an old-fashioned threaded fitting setup, this innovative kit allows you to connect or disconnect the fuel line(s) in seconds with no tools. There's absolutely no wrenching required for a high-flow, 100-percent leak-proof seal. To connect, simply pull the socket collar back and insert the male plug on the fuel line, then release the collar. Just listen for the click and the carb is ready to go. Disconnect with a simple pull on the collar and the valve design keeps the fuel safe inside the line-without having to drain your fuel bowl. For more information about the easy-to-use Jiffy-tite Quick-Connect Carburetor Kits or any of their Quick Connect fittings, please call 888-605-7788, or visit www.jiffy-tite.com.