Got Grille?
With the rising prices of original Advance Design GM trucks, Brothers Truck Parts is happy to introduce a new '47-53 Chevrolet grille. These are excellent reproductions and are now available for your truck in three versions: show-quality chrome bars with cream-painted vertical brackets, all-black painted steel, and now in an all-chrome version. These high-quality grilles from Brothers are perfect replacements for your rusted, damaged, or missing original grille, and have the finish to fit your style and wallet. For more details, contact Brothers at 800-977-2767, or on the Web at

Non-Heavy Metal Heads
Edelbrock's new RPM Xtreme aluminum cylinder heads for SB Fords are CNC ported where it counts for maximum airflow and ultimate performance. Engineered and manufactured using a combination of as-cast port design and CNC technology, RPM Xtreme heads are CNC ported in all the critical areas (combustion chambers, intake entry, exhaust exit, and intake/exhaust bowls). RPM Xtreme heads are ideal for high-performance street and entry-level race applications. These heads are sold complete with high-quality conical (beehive) springs, 8mm stem stainless steel valves, and include helicoil inserts in the exhaust flange and rocker stud bosses. For more info and dyno results, contact Edelbrock at 310-781-2222, or online at

Put Some Steel In Your Step
Are your F-1 running boards looking more like Swiss cheese than steel? Bruce Horkey's Wood and Parts now offers new die-formed, American-made, stamped steel running boards for '48-52 Ford pickups. The first thing you'll notice is the crisp embossment details and the heavy under-bracing, just like the originals. They come ready for paint or chrome plating-yes, they're that nice. Horkey's also carries steel running boards for '47-54 Chevrolet 1/2-ton pickups and panel trucks, with the same American-made quality. Contact Bruce Horkey's Wood and Parts at 507-831-5625, or visit

Tune Your TV
Are you tired of the trial and error method of adjusting the TV cable on your 700-R4 and 200-4R transmission? The crew at Bowler Performance Transmissions has developed their own kit to solve this problem. To install this system, simply bolt on the supplied bracket and carburetor cam assembly, install the Bowler TV cable, then run the accelerator to wide-open throttle. The cable will automatically adjust itself, and you're done. With this system there is no need to drop the transmission pan or install a pressure gauge, and best of all, no more guessing. Bowler even included different throttle cable brackets to cover Lokar, Gennie, and GM square and early round hole models. For further information, contact Bowler Performance Transmissions at 618-943-4856, or

Baby Battery?
Not exactly, but Performance Distributors' Dyna-Batt weighs in at a mere 13.5 pounds. This little dry-cell battery can replace the 40-pound monster in your classic truck, saving over 20 pounds. Just as your ignition system performs to its optimum with low-resistance plug wires, your charging system performs to its optimum with a low-resistance battery. This dry-cell battery has no liquid or gel so no acid will leak if it's cracked in a collision or dropped. If you are storing your truck for the winter, you'll be glad to know the Dyna-Batt has an excellent storage life and it recharges very quickly. The Dyna-Batt dimensions are 7 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 6 1/2 inches tall. To learn more, contact Performance Distributors at 901-396-5782, or