Gas You Can Count On
The release of the new FAST Street/Strip Fuel System offers a complete kit that increases the reliability and potential of any electronic fuel injection (EFI) system up to 600 naturally aspirated horsepower. This extremely cost-effective kit makes it a snap to switch from carburetion to EFI for trucks, cars, or hot rods. The FAST Street/Strip Fuel System Kit includes everything you need, including the proper fuel pump, adjustable regulator, filter and Y-block for compatibility with just about any application you can think of from OE to custom high-performance. The high-performance fuel pump utilizes OE-type filters for easy replacement. For more information about the FAST Street/Strip Fuel System Kit or any other FAST product, call 877-334-8355, or log onto

Bang It Out
Replacement sheetmetal parts for many vintage trucks can be difficult, and often impossible to find, but with some time and practice on the new Dake Power Hammer, you could fabricate them yourself. The Dake Power Hammer costs a fraction of what larger production power hammers and tooling are going for and will stretch, shrink, planish, dome, jog, bead, and shape sheetmetal using standard dies. It can handle up to 16-gauge steel and 11-gauge aluminum (annealed 3003H14). For more information, contact the Dake Corporation at 800-937-3253, or online at

Start Your Welders
Now available from Miller Electric Manufacturing Company is Ron Covell's MIG Welding Made Easy DVD, which is designed to teach entry-level hobbyists MIG welding skills and help others improve their skills and techniques. In this easy-to-follow program, recognized metalworking expert Ron Covell covers the basic processes used for successful MIG welding, proper machine setup, joint preparation, wire selection, gun angles, travel speed, and what to check when things go wrong. To order a copy of Ron Covell's MIG Welding Made Easy DVD, call 800-4-A-MILLER, or visit Miller's literature request page at

Tie Rod One On
Air Ride Technologies has added yet another trick piece of hardware to its line of high-tech suspension components. Its new Billet Tie Rod Adjusters fill a need that is often overlooked when building a high-end suspension system. Air Ride Technologies has designed its new aluminum adjusters to be strong, easy to adjust, and look good. Large wrench flats on both ends provide an easy way to dial your suspension system's steering to the perfect toe and bumpsteer settings, and the anodized aluminum finish provides long-lasting good looks. Air Ride Technologies offers multiple sizes to fit a wide range of vehicles and lists popular applications on its Web site for easy ordering. For more from Air Ride Technologies, log onto, or call 812-481-4764.

Form Follows Function Out The Tailpipe
Let your Flathead Ford V-8 exhale all that hot air through Speedway Motors' new stainless steel Flathead headers. Speedway has taken its popular Flathead tube headers and made them available in durable and attractive stainless steel. These high-quality headers are polished to a mirror-like shine and have a compact center-dump design that's perfect for most old Ford trucks that do not have stock wishbone-style suspensions. It uses common 2 1/2-inch collectors and comes complete with gaskets and companion flanges to connect to the exhaust system. Call Speedway today at 800-979-0122 or visit for its complete line of parts.

Holy flake, batman!
It seems that what's old is new again, but for good reason-it's cool! PPG Automotive Refinish recently introduced Ditzler Big Flake to its Vibrance Collection brand of custom colors and special-effect finishes. The Ditzler Big Flake consists of six large metallic flakes that produce a unique old-school look when added to a basecoat or clearcoat finish and is available in silver and gold as well as four color-shifting options including green to purple, blue to red, red to gold, and gold to silver. Ditzler Big Flake can be added directly to the basecoat or used as a ground coat for PPG's Radiance II midcoats to create an exceptional retro special-effect finish. It can also be added to color blenders or Radiance II to create a midcoat/pearl-coat effect. For more information about Ditzler Big Flake and the entire PPG Vibrance Collection, visit your local PPG distributor, or go to the PPG Automotive Refinish Web site at

Fix The Pits
A new complete kit for removing pits and scratches from glass windshields and windscreens is available now from Ocean State Abrasives. The Scratch Magic Glass Repair Kit is designed to remove those bothersome blemishes from windshields and windscreens that can refract light and impair a driver's vision. The kit consists of optical-grade lapping and polishing compounds, a felt lapping bob, a 6-inch-diameter buffing wheel, and step-by-step directions for removing dings caused by common road debris. For more information, contact Ocean State Abrasives by calling 401-789-9550, or online at

Dress Your Dash
Sometimes a little color goes a long way, and when you stare at your dashboard mile after mile, a change can be good. Dolphin Instruments announces the addition of two new gauge options to its line of ever-expanding instrumentation. It now offers quad gauges with a black face and red needles, or with a gold bezel and beige face. Each quad gauge features fuel, oil, temp, and volts in either mechanical or electric versions. Dolphin also offers a 5-inch speedo or tach to complement the quad. For complete details, call Dolphin Instruments and Gauges at 386-437-1944, or visit

Not So Heavy Metal
Hamburger's Performance Products, renowned for its quality high-performance oil pans since 1979, also offers a selection of fabricated aluminum valve covers for popular Chevy and Ford applications. Their tall design offers clearance for rocker arm assemblies and stud girdles typically found in high-performance engines, but will dress up any stocker as well. Available with or without baffles and breather holes, all models are built using super lightweight yet durable 6061-T6 aluminum, and employ sturdy 1/4-inch billet flanges for a leak-free seal. For complete product details and dealer info, visit, or call 562-921-0404.

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