Gas You Can Count On
The release of the new FAST Street/Strip Fuel System offers a complete kit that increases the reliability and potential of any electronic fuel injection (EFI) system up to 600 naturally aspirated horsepower. This extremely cost-effective kit makes it a snap to switch from carburetion to EFI for trucks, cars, or hot rods. The FAST Street/Strip Fuel System Kit includes everything you need, including the proper fuel pump, adjustable regulator, filter and Y-block for compatibility with just about any application you can think of from OE to custom high-performance. The high-performance fuel pump utilizes OE-type filters for easy replacement. For more information about the FAST Street/Strip Fuel System Kit or any other FAST product, call 877-334-8355, or log onto

Bang It Out
Replacement sheetmetal parts for many vintage trucks can be difficult, and often impossible to find, but with some time and practice on the new Dake Power Hammer, you could fabricate them yourself. The Dake Power Hammer costs a fraction of what larger production power hammers and tooling are going for and will stretch, shrink, planish, dome, jog, bead, and shape sheetmetal using standard dies. It can handle up to 16-gauge steel and 11-gauge aluminum (annealed 3003H14). For more information, contact the Dake Corporation at 800-937-3253, or online at

Start Your Welders
Now available from Miller Electric Manufacturing Company is Ron Covell's MIG Welding Made Easy DVD, which is designed to teach entry-level hobbyists MIG welding skills and help others improve their skills and techniques. In this easy-to-follow program, recognized metalworking expert Ron Covell covers the basic processes used for successful MIG welding, proper machine setup, joint preparation, wire selection, gun angles, travel speed, and what to check when things go wrong. To order a copy of Ron Covell's MIG Welding Made Easy DVD, call 800-4-A-MILLER, or visit Miller's literature request page at