Breathe Creatively
Clayton Machine Works (CMW) has introduced its newest product: a set of innovative valve covers for the venerable small-block Chevy. These polished aluminum valve covers offer fresh, high-end style with a new functionality for the discerning owner. CMW wanted to incorporate entirely new ideas in both the look and function of the PCV valve and breather. Adding to the uniqueness are the removable styling elements, including a center section, which can be painted, polished, or plated in numerous combinations to the owner's preference. There is also an optional carbon-fiber center section available. Virtually the entire line of CMW parts is capable of looking like "one-off" parts without the "one-off" price. To learn more, contact Clayton Machine Works at 256-489-2450, or view its full product line at

Back To Black-Chassis Black
Necessity is the mother of invention, and the Eastwood Company identified a need for a super-durable chassis coating that is not only beautiful, but also as tough as nails. Eastwood challenged its chemists, who responded with the new 2K Ceramic Chassis Black. This proprietary formulation imbeds finely ground ceramic particles into a high-quality 2K (two-component) 4:1 urethane base, thus producing a chip- and chemical-resistant coating. In addition to incredible UV resistance, fast dry times, and a finish that's second to none, the ceramic particles create a smooth, more continuous barrier. This coating is easily applied with an HVLP spray gun (1.5-1.7 nozzle), and when laid over Eastwood's 2K Epoxy Primer you'll have a no-worry finish that will outlast any other chassis coating. Get the full scoop from Eastwood by calling 800-345-1178, or visit

Shift To The Max
TCI Max Shift Performance Transmission Fluid is proven to generate quicker shifts, extend durability, and reduce temperatures up to 30 degrees in both street performance and racing vehicles versus OE fluids. Now it's available in convenient gallon and quart-size resealable bottles and features a unique, updated look. TCI Max Shift Performance Transmission Fluid features a base mineral oil with advanced proprietary additives that greatly enhance critical clutch and band operation, while reducing internal friction deposits. TCI Max Shift Performance Transmission Fluid is compatible with other fluids and contains exclusive friction eliminating, antifoaming, and extreme-heat-reducing additives, therefore extending the life and performance of any transmission. Find out more about TCI Automotive by calling 888-776-9824, or visit