Two Finned Heads Are Better Than One
Modern engineering and manufacturing technology are making it easier to build reliable performance Flathead Ford motors. Designed with nostalgia in mind, Edelbrock is bringing back its early "Block Letter" logo as an option on 24-stud '38-48 Flathead cylinder heads. Cast in Edelbrock's ultra-modern aluminum foundry, these heads are made from prime A356 aluminum. The combustion chambers are sized at 64 cc to accommodate naturally aspirated performance applications and are available with an optional polished finish. For more information about Edelbrock, call 800-416-8628 or visit

A Smart Gauge
No, it doesn't measure intelligence, but it doesn't take many IQ points to set up Classic Instruments' new Ultimate Speedometer! Since the Ultimate Speedometer is 3 3/8 inches in size, it incorporates a speedometer and a tachometer gauge into one unit, perfect when space is prohibitive or just for a clean look. Set it once on a running, real-time mile, then fine-tune the calibration with the push of a button. This speedo is operation-ready with all known electronic speedometer sender signals. The electronic 7K tach works with 1 to 14 cylinders, and the American-made gauge is available in six standard face designs-plus it carries a full five-year warranty. For more info on Classic Instruments, call 800-575-0461, or visit

Freedom Headlights
Looking to add something special to your custom truck project? Go French with the AutoLoc Frenched Headlight Kit. Its timeless kit gives your headlights a classic, recessed look and is the ideal companion for AutoLoc headlights. The Frenched Headlight Kit is easy to install and adds a special look to most any vehicle with round headlights. Take it a step further by pairing the kit with the optional chrome trim ring for a truly exquisite look and feel. For more info on these and other AutoLoc products, call 800-651-1970, or visit

New Housing Project
Need to replace your turn signal switch, but your turn signal housing is worn out? Brothers Trucks now offers a complete replacement turn signal assembly for your '54-59 Chevy and GMC trucks. Each assembly comes with the outer steering column housing and has the turn signal switch pre-installed, making the job that much easier and guaranteeing good results. To check out Brothers' extensive online catalog, call them at 800-977-2767, or visit

Steer There From Here
The steering gurus at Borgeson are happy to announce that they now carry high-quality Mullins aluminum remote power steering pumps. This pump is built by GM for Mullins and is not an OE pump, and is perfect for late-model engine swaps, power steering boxes, and front clips with rack-and-pinion steering. It's available in either polished or unpolished aluminum and can be paired with Borgeson's beautiful polished billet remote reservoir. Of course, they also carry hose kits in either rubber or stainless steel to get you on the road. For more details, contact Borgeson at 860-482-8283, or visit