Won't Hit Your Knee At Three
Flaming River Industries continues to steer enthusiasts in the right direction with their new Classic Series line of tilt steering columns. Their Classic Series columns are completely made in the USA, featuring all-new components throughout, including the GM ignition switch and key assembly, which is at three o'clock just like an OEM column. The new Flaming River columns utilize stainless steel tubes and housings in paintable (mill finish) or polished finishes. The ignition plug assembly uses the standard GM design (all-mechanical and does not use a relay), accepting the OE-style plug on the wiring harness and are available in floor and column shift versions. For further information, visit www.flamingriver.com, or call Flaming River toll-free at 800-648-8022.

Keep Your Cool
Just because underhood space can be limited doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your engine's cooling abilities. Flex-a-lite's newest line of low-profile dual S-blade fan systems can provide the maximum cooling you need for a limited space. Each model comes in its own shroud and features dual 12 1/8-inch diameter fans featuring Flex-a-lite's strong and efficient S-blade design, which flows 2,500 cfm of air. And they're available in "push" or "pull" applications and as always, Flex-a-lite's products are made in the U.S. from the highest quality materials. For more information, contact Flex-a-lite by calling 800-851-1510, or visit them on the Web at www.flex-a-lite.com.

The Q-Jet Set
JET Performance Products has released several new Quadrajet carburetor applications for '66-78 Chevrolet and GMC trucks with a divorced style choke. Stage 1 series Q-jet units are direct replacements and are custom built to restore stock performance and reliability. A Stage 2 carb has all of the features of the Stage 1 plus a fully recalibrated idle, off idle, main, accelerator pump, and high-speed circuits to match any modifications done to the engine such as intake manifold, headers, ignition, or a mild cam change. A Stage 2 Q-jet features improved idle quality, instant throttle response, and maximum torque and horsepower. To be a Q-jet setter contact JET Performance Products at 800-535-1161, or via their Web site at www.jetchip.com.

A Cherry On The Bottom
Original Cherry Bomb glasspacks are back! The infamous red Cherry Bomb is insulated with high-temperature fiberglass to absorb high frequency sounds, while their straight-through design allows for that classic glasspack sound and reduces backpressure to maximize horsepower. Its round, linear shape creates a universal fit, making installation a breeze. Cherry Bomb also offers a complete line of high-performance exhaust products and apparel. For more information about Cherry Bomb mufflers, systems, and accessories, visit www.cherrybomb.com, or call 866-869-9704.

New Life For Old Water Pumps
Water pumps on newer trucks routinely go over 200,000 miles with no maintenance. Now your vintage/collector truck can have this same performance thanks to Howard Stewart Restorations. They can restore your original/hard-to-find water pump using the latest OEM quality components for trouble-free operation and a lifetime guarantee. Your water pump will be carefully disassembled by their experienced technicians and thoroughly cleaned. The casting will then be machined as necessary to accept the latest OEM quality components and reassembled. The pristine exterior will give no clue as to the new components on the inside. With over 30 years experience and a customer list that includes Richard Petty, Rick Hendrick, and AJ Foyt, Howard Stewart knows water pumps. Contact Howard Stewart Restorations at 336-476-9720, or log onto www.howardstewartrestorations.com.