Totally Railed
Total Cost Involved Engineering is proud to introduce their totally new '47-53 Chevy truck chassis. This truck chassis was CAD-engineered with 2x8 fully-boxed framerails to protect the under-body components and incorporates a rigid K-Member design for more strength and durability. With TCI's new chassis, you will receive six bolt-on running board brackets, cab mounts, engine and transmission mounts, a complete custom IFS or Mustang II frontend, power brakes, a proportional valve, steel brake lines installed with hoses, a complete Currie 9-inch rearend, a rear four-link, and a rear drum brake kit. TCI also offers a basic '47-53 chassis package with rear parallel leaf springs and more. For the latest scoop from TCI Engineering, log onto or dial 800-984-6250 today.

Get On Trak...
With Zoops' new Posi-Trak Belt System. The new Posi-Trak serpentine system for small- and big-block Chevys, as well as small-block Fords, consists of polished 6061-T6 aluminum brackets, a polished aluminum faceplate with unique CNC-machined pocketing, Zoops' exclusive Forgelite pulleys hardened to a T6 condition, a polished OEM spring belt tensioner, and a polished Sanden SD-7 A/C compressor. The kit also features a new Power Master chrome 110-amp alternator, a new aluminum heavy-duty water pump, two polished idler pulleys for maximum belt grip, high-grade fasteners, a high-quality serpentine belt, and a new GM Type-2 remote power steering pump calibrated to flow 900 psi. The Zoops Posi-Trak positions all components as close as possible to the center of the motor and keeps the alternator, A/C compressor, power steering pump, and spring tensioner within the confines of the motor's perimeter. The unique use of two idler pulleys also allows for maximum belt contact and exceptional belt performance. Get a hold of Zoops today at 951-922-2396 or online at

Picking a camshaft can be a daunting task these days with more grinds than you can shake a cam at. Now, thanks to the hard work by the folks at COMP Cams, they have put together a groundbreaking camshaft selection software called CamQuest 6. The CamQuest 6 software is available for an immediate, no-cost download from the COMP Cams Web site. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, this free download will have you up and running camshaft scenarios in no time. In addition, downloadable tutorial videos are also available to guide you through the use of this outstanding software, so all you "downloadaphobes" won't get lost. For those looking to obtain the CamQuest 6 software in the original CD form, the new CamQuest 6 promotional package includes the original software on CD, a COMP Cams Racing T-shirt (sizes S-XXXL), and free ground shipping to any of the 48 continental United States-all for only $15 and available directly from COMP Cams. To find out what your engine's projected horsepower and torque could be, contact COMP Cams at or phone 800-999-0853.

At the SEMA Show in November 2007, PML won a Global Media award for their new, heavy sand-cast aluminum valve covers with vintage Chevrolet or Corvette script and classic fins. PML's new valve covers fit '87-98 GM V-8 engines with the common four-bolt valve covers. PML designed these new valve covers for a clean and classic appearance by removing the center two bolt holes and the PCV/breather/oil-fill holes from the top. Sand-cast aluminum construction is so much stiffer than stock that you don't need four bolts to apply pressure evenly to the gasket. Baffles are also cast into the interior of the covers in two locations, which leaves the surface where the fins and lettering are completely clean. The valve covers are slightly taller than stock to allow roller tip rockers, are designed to use stock gaskets, and are available in as-cast, polished, black, or Chevy-orange powdercoated with brushed fins and script. For info on these and the rest of PML's products, log onto or call 310-671-4345 and tell 'em we sent you.

Flares Are In
Well, at least having a tailgate on your '53-72 Ford shortbed Flareside is in, and now MAR-K makes brand-new tailgates for the Flaresides, which use hidden latches and link assemblies to open and close the back of the bed. The latches are inside the bed, so the outside has a clean, smooth look. This tailgate is perfect for those who want the custom, flush appearance, but don't want the traditional tailgate chains, which are noisy and sometimes damage the paint. This custom tailgate is made by MAR-K in Oklahoma City. Included with the tailgate is a customizing kit to convert your current bed sides to work with the latching mechanism and links. Also available for '76-87 shortbed Flaresides and '53-79 longbed Flareside Fords in both smooth and louvered hoods. For further information, contact MAR-K Quality Parts at 405-721-7945 or visit their Web site at

Gauge Your Looks
Add to your '55-59 Chevy or GMC truck's vitals with a full set of instruments with modern gauge clusters from Impala Bob's. "Most drivers today prefer gauges to warning lights, especially if they're restoring their trucks with high-performance engines," said Impala Bob's President, Bob Antebi. "Our gauge clusters are a great way to add a clean, custom look to the dash and still retain the original design." Impala Bob's truck gauge clusters are available in white with black letters or black with white letters. They include a 120-mph programmable speedometer, a 7,000-rpm electric tachometer, a digital odometer, a 0-16-volt voltmeter, a 80-psi oil pressure gauge, fuel and temperature gauges, turn signal and high-beam indicators, a lens cover, wiring harnesses, sending units, and all the screw hardware needed for installation. Visit Impala Bob's, Inc. at or call 1-800-IMPALAS (467-2527).

Git Yer Gap
Edelbrock and NASCAR have been partners in racing dating back to NASCAR's humble prohibition-era roots. Fast forward to the modern era of the fastest growing sport in the world, and you will see the Edelbrock logo gracing the front fenders of your favorite NASCAR stock car. As the only independent intake manifold manufacturer officially licensed by NASCAR, Edelbrock is proud to announce the NASCAR edition RPM Air-Gap street performance intake manifold line. NASCAR enthusiasts running small- and big-block Chevys, small-block Fords, and small-block Chrysler applications can now show their racing pride in their engine bays. Engineered with the Air-Gap design, featuring an open air space that separates the runners from the hot engine oil resulting in a cooler, denser charge for more power, RPM Air-Gap manifolds deliver high-performance street power from 1,500 to 6,500 rpm. These special-edition manifolds deliver a high-impact appearance with a special black powdercoating and machined aluminum Edelbrock logo, providing the perfect contrast. A special-edition Edelbrock/NASCAR ball cap is also included. For more go-fast goodies from Edelbrock, look up or call 800-416-8628.

Maximum Shock
Mallory Ignition announces their new Max-Fire Distributor, which is an all-electronic advance distributor with a built-in multi-strike capacitive discharge ignition. Built with a CNC-machined all-billet housing, Mallory Max-Fire Distributors feature a microprocessor-controlled multi-spark digital CD ignition, and all-electronic RPM- and vacuum-based advance curves. Users can select from seven pre-programmed performance advance curves or design their own custom curve. They also have a digital boost proportional retard for supercharged or turbocharged engines with up to 30-psi of boost, and provide onboard digital rev-limiting. The Max-Fire also features Hall effect triggering and a ball bearing-supported shaft for maximum timing accuracy. The new Mallory Max-Fire distributor comes complete with Windows-based software and a computer harness for easy adjustability, and it works with any PC (laptop not required). For more information on Mallory and applications, visit or stop into your local parts store.

Shine Those Skins
Eagle One has taken wheel and tire detailing to a new level with two new products, including the first gel tire shine in a trigger spray, that provides show-quality results with a minimum amount of effort. The thick gel clings to the tire with no drip or sling, and the result is a lasting, glossy shine that will complement great looking wheels. Next up is the A2Z All Wheel & Tire Cleaner, which now comes in a convenient aerosol can. Its thick, foamy suds quickly remove sticky brake dust and road grime from wheels and tires. Just spray on cool wheels, and then hose off. The suds dissolve dirt and brake dust quickly to minimize cleanup time. In most cases it eliminates the need for extra scrubbing and agitation. A2Z is safe for many factory and aftermarket wheels, including clearcoats. Both products are available at leading automotive parts and discount store chains. For great tips on how to keep your car looking its best as well as information on other Eagle One products, visit or call 800-432-4531.

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