At the SEMA Show in November 2007, PML won a Global Media award for their new, heavy sand-cast aluminum valve covers with vintage Chevrolet or Corvette script and classic fins. PML's new valve covers fit '87-98 GM V-8 engines with the common four-bolt valve covers. PML designed these new valve covers for a clean and classic appearance by removing the center two bolt holes and the PCV/breather/oil-fill holes from the top. Sand-cast aluminum construction is so much stiffer than stock that you don't need four bolts to apply pressure evenly to the gasket. Baffles are also cast into the interior of the covers in two locations, which leaves the surface where the fins and lettering are completely clean. The valve covers are slightly taller than stock to allow roller tip rockers, are designed to use stock gaskets, and are available in as-cast, polished, black, or Chevy-orange powdercoated with brushed fins and script. For info on these and the rest of PML's products, log onto or call 310-671-4345 and tell 'em we sent you.

Flares Are In
Well, at least having a tailgate on your '53-72 Ford shortbed Flareside is in, and now MAR-K makes brand-new tailgates for the Flaresides, which use hidden latches and link assemblies to open and close the back of the bed. The latches are inside the bed, so the outside has a clean, smooth look. This tailgate is perfect for those who want the custom, flush appearance, but don't want the traditional tailgate chains, which are noisy and sometimes damage the paint. This custom tailgate is made by MAR-K in Oklahoma City. Included with the tailgate is a customizing kit to convert your current bed sides to work with the latching mechanism and links. Also available for '76-87 shortbed Flaresides and '53-79 longbed Flareside Fords in both smooth and louvered hoods. For further information, contact MAR-K Quality Parts at 405-721-7945 or visit their Web site at

Gauge Your Looks
Add to your '55-59 Chevy or GMC truck's vitals with a full set of instruments with modern gauge clusters from Impala Bob's. "Most drivers today prefer gauges to warning lights, especially if they're restoring their trucks with high-performance engines," said Impala Bob's President, Bob Antebi. "Our gauge clusters are a great way to add a clean, custom look to the dash and still retain the original design." Impala Bob's truck gauge clusters are available in white with black letters or black with white letters. They include a 120-mph programmable speedometer, a 7,000-rpm electric tachometer, a digital odometer, a 0-16-volt voltmeter, a 80-psi oil pressure gauge, fuel and temperature gauges, turn signal and high-beam indicators, a lens cover, wiring harnesses, sending units, and all the screw hardware needed for installation. Visit Impala Bob's, Inc. at or call 1-800-IMPALAS (467-2527).