Git Yer Gap
Edelbrock and NASCAR have been partners in racing dating back to NASCAR's humble prohibition-era roots. Fast forward to the modern era of the fastest growing sport in the world, and you will see the Edelbrock logo gracing the front fenders of your favorite NASCAR stock car. As the only independent intake manifold manufacturer officially licensed by NASCAR, Edelbrock is proud to announce the NASCAR edition RPM Air-Gap street performance intake manifold line. NASCAR enthusiasts running small- and big-block Chevys, small-block Fords, and small-block Chrysler applications can now show their racing pride in their engine bays. Engineered with the Air-Gap design, featuring an open air space that separates the runners from the hot engine oil resulting in a cooler, denser charge for more power, RPM Air-Gap manifolds deliver high-performance street power from 1,500 to 6,500 rpm. These special-edition manifolds deliver a high-impact appearance with a special black powdercoating and machined aluminum Edelbrock logo, providing the perfect contrast. A special-edition Edelbrock/NASCAR ball cap is also included. For more go-fast goodies from Edelbrock, look up or call 800-416-8628.

Maximum Shock
Mallory Ignition announces their new Max-Fire Distributor, which is an all-electronic advance distributor with a built-in multi-strike capacitive discharge ignition. Built with a CNC-machined all-billet housing, Mallory Max-Fire Distributors feature a microprocessor-controlled multi-spark digital CD ignition, and all-electronic RPM- and vacuum-based advance curves. Users can select from seven pre-programmed performance advance curves or design their own custom curve. They also have a digital boost proportional retard for supercharged or turbocharged engines with up to 30-psi of boost, and provide onboard digital rev-limiting. The Max-Fire also features Hall effect triggering and a ball bearing-supported shaft for maximum timing accuracy. The new Mallory Max-Fire distributor comes complete with Windows-based software and a computer harness for easy adjustability, and it works with any PC (laptop not required). For more information on Mallory and applications, visit or stop into your local parts store.

Shine Those Skins
Eagle One has taken wheel and tire detailing to a new level with two new products, including the first gel tire shine in a trigger spray, that provides show-quality results with a minimum amount of effort. The thick gel clings to the tire with no drip or sling, and the result is a lasting, glossy shine that will complement great looking wheels. Next up is the A2Z All Wheel & Tire Cleaner, which now comes in a convenient aerosol can. Its thick, foamy suds quickly remove sticky brake dust and road grime from wheels and tires. Just spray on cool wheels, and then hose off. The suds dissolve dirt and brake dust quickly to minimize cleanup time. In most cases it eliminates the need for extra scrubbing and agitation. A2Z is safe for many factory and aftermarket wheels, including clearcoats. Both products are available at leading automotive parts and discount store chains. For great tips on how to keep your car looking its best as well as information on other Eagle One products, visit or call 800-432-4531.