As far as what to use to connect all these pieces together and finally to the engine, I was somewhat at a loss. I'm fairly green when it comes to AN fittings, braided stainless hose, EFI, and the like, but Aeromotive guided me in the right direction over the phone and via their highly informative Web site. For most street applications, you would run a -8AN line to the engine and use a -6AN line for the return, but what do those numbers mean? Well, AN stands for "Army/Navy" and has been a standard size in hydraulic fittings that use a 37-degree flare to create the seal. AN line sizes will also have a dash (-) preceding the line size. The number after the dash refers to the amount of 1/16-inch O.D. (outside diameter). Therefore, -8AN would be 1/2-inch and -6AN would be 6/16 or 3/8-inch.

With that out of the way, I decided on a mix of 1/2-inch stainless hard line to run along the frame, and braided hose to jump from the frame to the tank and to the motor so vibration/engine movement wouldn't become a problem. I also chose to run -8AN line both ways instead of -8 and -6. That way I would only need to order lines and fittings in one size as well as only needing one size tubing bender, but -8 both ways is probably overkill.

Installing the goods from Aeromotive and Rick's was essentially a snap, but I won't lie and say that for a first-timer, the hard and braided line installation/creation from scratch was easy. It isn't for the faint of heart or those with a short fuse. In fact, it was the most difficult thing I've done since building a ship in a bottle, but I finished and I'm pleased that the effort was worth the end result. It'd be a good idea to get your tank in and the essentials from Aeromotive installed first, then carefully map out the lines and fittings you need since unneeded AN fittings can add up. One more important tip is to use antiseize lubricant on all your AN fittings and stainless hardware. It's very cheap insurance. Every company involved with this story has helpful tech lines and Web sites for those needing more assistance, answers, or products for your projects.

Anyway, I hope this is half as informative for you all as it was for me. Now I'm that much closer to firing this puppy up! CT