Don't Get Hosed
Tired of the mess when unhooking tranny coolant lines? Edelbrock's Russell Performance Qwik-Release Transmission Hose Kits offers a fix for fast transmission service without the mess. Constructed of either lightweight Pro-Classic nylon braided or stainless steel braided hose, Russell's Qwik-Release Transmission Hose Kits feature quick-release crimped-on hose ends that are specially valved to stop fluid flow when disconnected for the fast removal of transmission cooler lines with no tools required. Each kit contains adapter fittings for use on common transmissions with 1/8-or 1/4-inch female NPT case threads, including TH350, TH400, and Powerglide applications. The hoses come in an overall length of 12 inches that allows you to custom-plumb your oil or coolant lines based on your specific needs. Each kit includes two lines and fittings. For more information, call 800-416-8628 or visit or

Send The Right Message
You aren't alone. More than a few classic trucks have a less than stellar gas gauge, if it works at all. Take the guesswork out of your drive and replace the rusty, broken, or all-together wrong sending unit in your General Motors pickup. BROTHERS has direct replacement sending units for your 1947-87 Chevy/GMC truck, Blazer, or Suburban in stock and ready to ship. The sending unit is responsible for measuring the amount of fuel in your tank and relaying the information to your fuel gauge. BROTHERS sending units are constructed of high-quality stainless steel and come complete with a gasket, and once installed, it will provide you and your passengers peace of mind. For more info, call BROTHERS today at 800-977-2767, or go online to

Roll That Ls Motor
Ever since its introduction, GM's Gen III (LS1, LS2, LS6) engine has quickly become the preferred choice among many, and right from the factory the GM Gen III engine boasts a surprisingly efficient induction design, reduced weight, and impressive power output. COMP Cams is happy to expand their Gen III performance line with their new XFI Street Solid Roller Series cams. The new XFI cams feature three camshaft profiles for applications ranging from high-performance street to high-rpm drag/road race and are specifically designed to run in '97-to-current LS1-, LS2-, and LS6-based engines with the new COMP Cams Endure-X Gen III solid roller lifters and PN 26921 dual valve springs. Engineered specifically to take advantage of the engine's phenomenal efficiency, the newest members of the XFI line of Gen III camshafts deliver some of the most aggressive lobe profiles ever been designed for street-driven Gen III-powered vehicles, and when used with COMP's FAST LSX intake manifold, massive increases in horsepower output, throttle response, and upper rpm capability are gained over the factory hydraulic roller patterns. For more on this and the latest from COMP Cams, call 800-999-0853, or visit