Roll Some Groovy Beads
You can use TP Tools' new bead roller to add strength and stiffen the sheetmetal or aluminum panels of your project while creating custom straight or curved bead lines and other designs like flames in firewalls, truck beds, floorpans, interior panels, dashes, and anything else you can fit it into. TP Tools makes their bead roller right here in the USA, and it features an adjustable top shaft assembly, heavy-duty ductile iron framework, a 20-inch throat, 1-inch-diameter shafts with 2-inch diameter mandrels, torque action gears, extra-long crank handle, 18-gauge capacity, built-in bench-mounting feet, and even a carrying handle. Using optional mandrels, you can make larger beads up to 1/2-inch wide or create an offset flange on the edge of the metal for flush panel replacement and much more. For more information, call 800-321-9260, or visit the TP Tools Web site at

Get Over It Early
High gas prices got you down? If you own a '63-72 GM pickup, Early Classic Enterprises is providing some welcome relief in the ol' pocketbook. Their overdrive automatic transmission conversion kit aids in the installment of a 700-R4 or 4L60 overdrive transmission into your truck. ECE provides a new crossmember, tranny mount, stainless shift linkage, adjustable vacuum switch, pressure switch, solenoid, and all necessary wiring and hardware to complete your conversion properly. All you need besides ECE's kit is a transmission and you'll be on your way to deeper first gear starts for quicker acceleration and a 30 percent overdrive on the top end for better fuel economy. If that sounds good to you, contact Early Classic Enterprises at 888-777-0395 or log onto

Sanderson Goes Mod
Have you joined the wave of classic truckers to put a Ford modular motor in your truck? If so, Sanderson Headers' new FF4.6s are just the ticket for 4.6L Ford motors. Their compact design clears most popular steering setups and allows ample room for other engine components in your truck. They feature 1 1/2-inch tubes and 2 1/2-inch collectors with a swivel ring and exhaust system adapter for easy hookup. Like all Sanderson tube headers, the FF4.6 features their patented leak-free flange. Built by street rodders for street rodders, Sanderson's headers are constructed with heavy-duty 16-gauge steel tubing, MIG welded, and hand finished. The FF4.6 comes in plain steel or Sanderson's polished silver high-temperature ceramic coating. Show-quality chrome plating is also available. For more information or a copy of Sanderson's 72-page color catalog, call 800-669-2430 or visit