As far as being safe for your car or truck, sodium bicarbonate doesn't build up panel-warping heat like sand does, and, in fact, it doesn't dig into the metal at all. It actually reacts with the paint and triggers miniature explosions that burst and reduce the paint/coating and the soda to a fine dust without scarring the metal. Anacapa Soda Blasting says baking soda is so safe you could conceivably roll a complete vehicle into the booth and have it soda-blasted without masking or removing any parts with no damage to chrome, glass, stainless trim, rubber, or wood pieces because the soda is non-abrasive.

Just about the only disadvantage to soda-blasting is that it doesn't remove deep or heavy rust, which would have to be removed using an abrasive media. And, of course, no matter what you have your truck blasted with, you need to make sure the operator understands how to properly use their equipment, and you may not necessarily want to go with the best deal in town, because that could cost significantly more in the long run if you run into problems. Soda-blasting isn't the answer for every situation, but it sure is a life-saver for those who need it.

Anacapa has a cool Web site with lots of FAQs, and if that isn't enough, give them a call and discuss your needs. Follow along as we have a blast with Anacapa Soda Blasting as we get one step closer in the Bumpside Build-Off!