73-Inch Waistband
The tool wizards at Snap-on Tools have reinvented the wheel, or at least the toolbox, with their new Wide Guy toolbox/roll cab as part of their Classic 96 line. The Wide Guy roll cab carries a variety of impressive features that include a full bank of extra-wide 50-inch drawers, and five of these six extra-wide drawers feature double ball-bearing slides with four reinforced bottom stiffeners to hold 250 pounds of tools each. Overall, the 12-drawer unit is more than 73 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 39 inches high, and offers 33,116 cubic inches of storage. In addition, the Wide Guy cab is fitted with monoprene casters that reduce vibration and noise and help protect your tools when rolling around the shop or garage. For more of the nitty gritty like colors and accessories for the Wide Guy, contact your local Snap-on rep, call 877-SNAPON-2, or log on to www.snapon.com.

Billet Gets A Facelift
Have you noticed that a lot of billet parts look like just that, billet? Well, it is time for a change! Billet Specialties just got done carving their new Profile valve cover line and are leading the pack with these classic finned yet fully CNC-machined billet valve covers. For example, every SBC valve cover is precision-machined from a 45-pound block of 6061-T6 aluminum on a multi-axis mill, then finished with Billet Specialties' award-winning mirror polish. Each pair of Profile valve covers features a driver-side knurled screw-in oil fill cap, smooth manifold side, and matching rear breather holes. These way-cool valve covers also include ARP polished 12-point hardware and premium gaskets. For more info and applications, contact Billet Specialties by calling 800-245-5382, or visit them on the Web at www.billetspecialties.com.

Rad Pads
Want great braking performance, but don't have the cash to plunk down on a trick aftermarket big brake kit? Try something as simple as switching your brake pads. According to EBC Brakes, a 30 percent-plus brake improvement can be had by just switching to EBC's Yellowstuff brake pads. Their new ultra high friction stoppers are available for many trucks and SUVs, as well as cars and motorcycles, and have been tested worldwide both on and off the racetrack with great results. EBC's new Yellowstuff pads are good enough that they have been adopted by the UK police force chase cars and passed the stringent "MET TEST" set by the London Metropolitan Police, where they solved braking problems and extended wear life considerably. The Yellowstuff pads are totally fade resistant and are the first of a new range of race materials that have effective braking from cold, making them suitable for both street and track use. Look up EBC today and find a local dealer at www.ebcbrakes.com.

Fast + Easy = Great
When it comes to cleaning and detailing your truck, wouldn't it be much better if the job went faster and more easily? Thanks to Eagle One's unique Tire Detailer, it is! Their new Tire Detailer features a unique gel formula to achieve a high-gloss and long-lasting shine that lasts for weeks but only takes minutes to apply. Keeping tires looking their best has never been this easy. Just squeeze the ergonomically shaped bottle to saturate the foam applicator with the gel formula and apply directly to the tires-no more spraying and rubbing, no messy residue, and no more gross rags to throw away. For further information on Eagle One's products, visit www.eagleone.com or call 800-432-4531.

Do the job with bob
How many trucks out there have a Volare frontend? We're not sure either, but there has to be a lot! What happens when it's time to freshen up your Volare frontend? The kid at the parts store will most likely be stumped by your truck's year, make, and model in the first place, let alone a front clip from another car-this could fry their computer. Looks like you better call Bob's F-100! Bob has been putting Volare frontends in Fords for longer than he cares to remember, but he's proud to announce that he can supply all the parts necessary to bring yours back to life. From calipers, rotors, tie rod ends, bushings, steering boxes, and more, he's got it. Call Bob's F-100 today for more at 951-681-1960, or check them out online at www.bobsf100.com.

Clear Off The Coffee Table
With the internet taking the place of many things that used to be in print, it's still nice to be able to hold an actual catalog in your hands, isn't it? Well, you might have to sit down when you receive the new 914-page '07 Classic Industries catalog. This latest edition weighs in at just under three pounds, is over 100 pages bigger than the '06 version, and has tons more new, top-quality restoration and performance goodies for '47-06 Chevy/GMC trucks. The '07 Classic Industries Chevy/GMC Truck Parts & Accessories Catalog is available for $5 and can be easily ordered by calling 800-854-1280, ext. 5500, or by visiting them online at www.classicindustries.com

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