The other setback I ran into was one that could have been avoided if I had all the parts I needed like I knew I should have. When I set up the Fatman Mustang II, I didn't have the ECI brakes, wheels, or tires that would have all been easy to mock up and "eyeball" how the front wheels would sit in the wheelwells, which is important, but I was under a deadline and had to get it done against my better judgment. Yes, haste makes waste, and amongst all the excitement of getting the wheels and tires, as soon as I put them on the truck and let it down for the first time, my parade was rained on by the sight of the wheels being too far back in the wheelwell for me to live with. This area is subject to taste and opinion and may not matter that much to some, but it didn't take long for me to know I was gonna have to move the front axle centerline forward or else I'd cringe whenever I looked at it. After all, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right! At the same time I was correcting that issue, I decided to kick up the front of the frame 2 inches to lower it that much more-another thing I wanted to do the first time around, but didn't have time to do.

So the moral of the story here is to take the time, do your homework, and do it right the first time! This isn't a guarantee that everything will go smoothly, since Murphy's Law goes hand in hand with working on/building just about anything, but it should help avoid a few sleepless nights. See you next month!