Send Your Rearend To The Gym
With an increasing number of truck owners building their haulers to haul more "A" than hay and to rival the best road manners usually saved for musclecars, Art Morrison Enterprises has developed a sophisticated three-link rear subframe assembly that can be configured for a wide variety of applications. The framerails are CAD-engineered for your specific year/make/model vehicle and mandrel-formed from 2x4-inch rectangular tubing, then fixture-welded to assure the perfect alignment for all the suspension components. Art Morrison assures superior handling through a three-link setup working in tandem with a Watts linkage, sway bar, and adjustable coilovers. The system provides excellent forward and lateral control and can be fine-tuned to optimize the entire handling package. For the nitty gritty on the package and info on the rest of their products, call Art Morrison at 800-929-7188 or send $5 for a full-color catalog (refundable with your first order) to Art Morrison Enterprises, 5301 8th Street East, Dept. CT, Fife, WA 98424.

Lay Some Quality Cable
Mounting your battery in the trunk? Of course not, we drive trucks, but there's a good chance you've thought about relocating your battery elsewhere. If you're considering mounting your battery under your cab or in your truck's bed, Ron Francis' trunk-mounted, fire-resistant Battery Cable Kit is the perfect answer. These cables are specifically designed to safely carry the voltage for the full trip, with factory-installed ends you don't have to attach yourself. The kit includes 15 feet of black and 20 feet of red cable, and the cable is far superior to auto parts cable or welding cable. The cables are rated for 255-degree performance standards (because underhood temperatures can reach 240 degrees), and they won't allow voltage to drop along the length of the vehicle. They also come with high-quality lugs and protective red and black boots and look like factory cables. All cables come with extra lugs for the opposite ends, a crimping tool, and shrink tubing to make sure the end you finish is just as nice as the battery end. In addition, extra red cable is supplied for the use of a remote battery disconnect switch. To order or for a free catalog, call Ron Francis Wiring at 800-292-1940.

Own A Ford? Need A Bigger Head?
These days anyone can have a big head, but two big heads are better than one when it comes to World Products' cylinder heads! World Products has developed a new high-performance 18-degree aluminum cylinder head for the 302/351 Ford engine. This latest addition to World's Man O'War family is offered with 200cc or big 235cc intake runners, providing builders with the optimum balance of flow and velocity for a variety of engine displacements and valvetrain combinations while allowing the use of OEM Ford valvetrain components. Manufactured from premium-grade 355-T6 aluminum alloy, World's Man O'War 18-degree heads are offered bare or in complete assemblies, which include genuine Manley stainless steel valves and ARP hardware. They are offered with several spring packages to accommodate camshafts with lifts all the way up to .700-inch. For more info on some out-of-the-box fun with the Man O'War lineup, call World Products at 631-981-1918.