Stop Brighter And Safer
For a long time the 6-volt guys have realized how unsafe running the original, small, dull brake lights is for their vehicles and their own well-being. Watson's StreetWorks to the rescue! They have come up with this converter that changes 6-volt DC input to 12-volt DC output, allowing the use of bright, attention-getting 12-volt LED brake lights in a 6-volt vehicle (1/2-amp max load). The converter works with all StreetWorks LED third brake lights and can be used for other electrical systems not exceeding a 1/2-amp draw. It's not intended for use with any type of motor or fan, but do yourself a huge favor and buy a bright LED third brake light and a 6-12-volt converter from Watson's StreetWorks at 860-859-0513.

What Wood You Pick?
When choosing the furniture or cabinetry for your home, a single species or style doesn't fit all your needs. Your classic truck is no different! Bed Wood and Parts offers a beautiful selection of 16 domestic and 16 exotic species and styles, each with their own distinct appearance, grain pattern, and character, allowing you to enhance your truck's class and attitude. Although they regularly mill bed wood for a broad range of Chevy/GMC and Ford pickups, custom kits are their specialty, and they can make a custom kit for you today. For more information, call Bed Wood and Parts at 270-424-3000.

Flares Are Back In Style
Ever wonder what the secret to a nice double flare on your brake lines is? Quality tools are the answer! Classic Performance Products is pleased to introduce an easy-to-use, affordable double flare tool that gives you professional results. The unique design of CPP's double flare tool (#CPDFT) offers the option of making your brake lines while you are installing them-no need for additional tools or vises to secure during use. It works with 3/16-, 1/4-, 5/16-, 3/8-, and 1/2-inch steel tubing. All kits include the tube cutter and a deburring tool in a durable plastic storage case. Call CPP today for all your truck needs at 800-830-1724.