Put Some Meat In Your Sleeves
Got a lot riding on your truck's suspension? With everything else you've done to make your truck perform, there's a great way to improve your steering system's strength that you've probably overlooked. Performance Online has these high-strength tie rod adjusting sleeves that allow for precision alignment settings and reduce the chance of slippage found in traditional clamp-type sleeves by incorporating jam nuts along with all the extra material they're made from. High-performance tie rod adjusting sleeves are easy to install and are available for 1963-72 Chevy/GMC trucks, so get on board with Performance Online at www.performanceonline.com or 800-638-1703.

Dashing New Patch Panels
After all these years, there's a pretty good chance you'll wind up with a truck that's had a modern stereo put in using a can opener or worse. If so, Brothers has the solution with their dash face repair panels for 1955-66 Chevy trucks. These high-quality patch panels will help restore your truck's butchered dash back to its original form, and will accept either the factory radio or aftermarket radios designed to fit the stock dash openings. So stop staring at that ugly hole in your dash and call Brothers Truck Parts at 800-977-2767 or www.brotherstrucks.com.

It's All Good On The Hood
Need a crown to finish off your restoration? Most hood emblems from the '50s might as well be crowns! Beautiful new reproductions of the red Bow Tie '56 and the black Bow Tie '57 Chevy truck V-8 hood emblems are available from The Filling Station. These high-quality chrome emblems come with finely detailed paintwork and mounting hardware. For a complete listing of their 1918-87 Chevrolet and GMC truck reproduction emblems, decals, trim, and many other detail items, contact The Filling Station at 800-841-6622 or www.fillingstation.com.