Well, we have a truck, an engine, and the Aeromotive H/O kit, so now we just need a gas tank. Classic Performance Parts (CPP) has a 26-gallon monster tank to mount under the '57-60 F-100's bed. Their tanks are made from aluminum, fully baffled, TIG welded, and made in the USA. They come ready to be used with fuel injection or carburetors, and they can also be ordered with the filler on the top or side depending on your needs. CPP can even custom-make a tank if you need one. They do require a little reorganizing of the stock rear crossmember, but it can be done without using a welder, and it'll get that smelly old tank out from behind the seat.

So if you've been thinking about updating the fuel system in your truck, follow along, and get on the horn to get some help today!