To get started putting all this together, the bed needed to come off, the stock rear suspension had to be removed, and the crossmembers just in front and behind the rearend had to be taken out. With the truck up on jackstands and leveled, I soon had it stripped to just the cab sitting on the frame. Next, I cleaned and boxed the rear framerails, and with the bed back on, I found my rear axle centerline where the wheels looked best in the wheelwell at my projected ride height, which is a half-inch lower than when the frame sits on the rearend housing with 27-inch-tall tires. With all this coming together, it was four-link time. Patience, careful measuring, and planning are the most important things here-if you rush or fudge something, it'll show in the end. I want my truck to sit lower than most, which forced me to improvise a little on the thorough directions Fatman includes, but it worked. Next month, I'll weld everything up, step-notch the frame, finish the upper coilover mounts, and install the panhard/Z-bar, and it'll be a rolling chassis! Getting all the coinciding parts together, like having the finished rearend and brakes, helped avoid any possible problems down the road. All the companies involved have very helpful tech lines with professionals ready to help if you get stumped, so follow along, and we'll see you again next month!